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Age Group Coach of The Year Award

The Triathlon Australia Coaching Awards were established in 2013 to recognise and honour Australian triathlon coaches who have demonstrated a commitment and dedication to coaching Australian triathletes, and who have helped Australian triathletes to achieve significant competition success at both the age group and the High Performance level. Competition success incorporates all disciplines and distances of triathlon and multisport events. There are two categories that are awarded on a retrospective basis that consider significant competition success over the previous seasons racing.



Robyn Low-Hart: Hills Triathlon Club (NSW)

Robyn creates very positive environment to introduce new athletes, particularly juniors, into the sport of Triathlon. She has taken on the role to run the most highly developed club program for Juniors in NSW with the Hills Triathlon Club. Robyn exhibits behaviours that should be encouraged and hopefully copied by other coaches, in self-development, sharing and selfless contribution to the sport. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her focus is never on the win, but rather the personal gains of each individual.

Teresa Theaker: Team T-Rex Triathlon Club (QLD)

Teresa goes above and beyond for her athletes, their families and other coaches. She is committed to the development and promotion of the sport in the community where, in addition to her own coaching and mentoring, she does school visits, coaching clinics, community activation and participates in charity events – just to name a few.

Teresa trains a vast array of athletes of varying ages, abilities and distances and is able to give 100% to all her athletes.  She is always available for communication with parents about athlete’s performance, can identify when athletes are performing well and nurtures their drive. This shows through the exceptional results her athletes consistently achieve each year. 

Grant Fergusson: Lakers Triathlon Club (SA)

Grant takes a real ‘hands on’ approach to coaching where he has been instrumental in the swim coaching at the Lakers Triathlon Club in coaching a range of athletes from beginners to world champions. He regularly attends additional training sessions with his coached athletes and can be found following them closely on his bike, carrying their water and providing feedback while they run.  Grants race simulation days are well regarded and his athletes look forward to the challenges and stimulating training environment that he provides for them to reach their personal best. 

Dylan Evans: DE Coaching (TAS)

Dylan has great respect for all athletes, parents, volunteers and officials. He is always the first to engage with athletes and parents as they arrive to training sessions, camps and racing and acknowledges the work of TO’s and Volunteers both pre-event and post events. Dylan takes a holistic approach to development and offers both support in regards to technical coaching, program design along with social and well-being support to his athletes. He is always looking for new ways to create positive emotions in his athletes to engage them in the sport long term. Dylan finds a terrific balance between coaching for participation and performance.

Ross Young: Endurance Team & Tempo Systems (VIC)

Ross has an approach to coaching that is all about tailoring programs to meet the individual needs and characteristics of his athletes. His empowering attitude, support of his athletes and "winning formula" used to tailor programs not only ensures that his athletes achieve their goals and minimise the risk of injury, but has also seen him coach multiple World and Australian champions.  Additionally, he had a number of athletes reach Kona and a huge number of athletes record PB's across all distances. He is committed to the longevity of the sport through the development of coaches and junior athletes. 

Stuart Durham: Eclipse Performance Centre (WA)

Stuart Durham has been involved in triathlon coaching for the last 20 years. His coaching skills reach across all facets of the sport and he has had a large number of successful athletes across the Junior High Performance, Age Group and Endurance formats of the sport.

Stuart is a professional ethical coach that has the upmost respect for his parent group, other coaches and all technical official within the sport. Stuart leads by example in relation to sportsmanship, he is an energetic supporter of other athletes outside of his training group at all races and has played a key role in supporting and guiding parents from other WA based training group at AJTS races in season 2016/17.

Stuart is a key driver of Triathlon WA High Performance Program and works closely with Triathlon WA staff and High Performance Head Coach to build and refine the program to get the best out of WA’s talented athletes. 

2016 WINNER of the Age Group Coach of the Year Award

Corey Bacon - ACT

Performance Triathlon Coaching

Highlighting athlete development with a breadth of athletes across diverse categories para, age group and juniors. In particular Corey’s commitment to the success of our para-triathlon program. He continues to make a difference to many athletes lives, no matter what age, ability or goals and is always searching for new ways to make a difference and develop an inclusive and fun training environment. 

Liz Gosper - VIC

Liz is an outstanding coach and really embodies what our sport is about. We have limited coaches working in the area of intellectual disability and the opportunities which Liz is providing these athletes is outstanding. She has worked tirelessly to open up opportunities for multiclass categories in the Duathlon and Triathlon Series as well as supporting Special Olympics and other sporting events where team members can participate. feel special. Liz established Inclusive Sports Training, IST, a triathlon club for people with an intellectual disability, the only special needs club in Australia.


  • 2016 - Corey Bacon - ACT
  • 2016 - Liz Grosper - VIC
  • 2015 - Corey Bacon - ACT
  • 2015 - Ross Pedlow - WA
  • 2014 - Mike Gee - WA
  • 2013 - Jarrod Evans - VIC
  • 2012 - Matthew Diamond - NSW