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The John Ison Award

The John Ison Award was first presented in 2007, in recognition of John Ison’s immense contribution to the technical side of triathlon in Australia and internationally. Nominees were received from the State and Territory Associations and assessed by the Awards Committee. The final recommendation was sent to the TA Board for ratification. The John Ison Award for TA Technical Official of the Year is presented annually in recognition of the outstanding contribution of an accredited Triathlon Australia Technical Official of Local (LTO), Regional (RTO) or National Technical Official (NTO) level. The acknowledgement of the incredible commitment of triathlon’s technical volunteers, and the fundamental role they play in the operation and development of our sport is important to recognise.

History of the Award

The award was proposed at the 2000 Triathlon Australia Technical Committee Annual Conference. The award was officially named The John Ison Award for TA Technical Official of the Year, in recognition of John Ison’s immense contribution to the technical side of triathlon in Australia and internationally. The proposal was ratified by the TA Board the following year.

John Ison

John Ison’s legacy to the development of the technical side of triathlon in Australia is vast. He was the inaugural Chair of the Triathlon Australia Technical Committee when it was formed (incorporating the former Officials Committee) in late 1991. John also joined the Board of Triathlon Australia in 1991 and was elected as Vice-President at the AGM in early 1992. He was elected to the ITU Technical Committee at the 1992 Triathlon World Congress. John went on to serve as TA President from the end of 1992 until 1994. He redrafted the TA Race Competition Rules into the structure we still work with today, and developed TA’s first course for accreditation of technical officials (then known as race judges). He conducted several technical accreditation courses for officials, including Australia’s first international Level 3 TO course in conjunction with the Sydney World Cup in 1995. Without John’s contribution in the formative stages of the technical program, the great work that continues today would simply not be possible.

The 2016 winner of the John Ison award

Lyndall Murray

Lyndall Murray has been a part of the Technical Official programme for the past 10 years. During that time, she has been actively involved in all levels of officiating, at local races, to a Technical Delegate at an OTU event.

During this time, Lyndell has helped develop the capacity of the Queensland Technical Officials, by delivering LTO and RTO courses, and completing assessing mentoring roles.  Lyndell’s calm considered approach in all areas has translated to well trained, confident officials in the Queensland programme.

Lyndell’s in depth knowledge of the rules, their application, and her ability to think on her feet make her an excellent official, demonstrated by her selection for TD and ATD roles for prestigious races. Lyndell also extends her knowledge by self-funding to races, both within Australia and internationally to share her knowledge on the field of play.


  • 2017 - Not Awarded
  • 2016 - Lyndell Murray - QLD
  • 2015 - Gai Webster - ACT
  • 2014 - Debbie Hooper-Lees - QLD
  • 2013 - Jonathan Treloar - VIC
  • 2012 - Jacqui Kenny - QLD
  • 2011 - Not Awarded
  • 2010 - Not Awarded
  • 2009 - Jacqui Kenny - QLD
  • 2008 - Frank Stapleton - WA & David Wilkinson - SA
  • 2007 - Murray Hilder - NSW