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Current Honour Board for Technical Officials

John Ison award  


The award was first presented in 2007, in recognition of John Ison’s immense contribution to the technical side of triathlon in Australia and internationally. Nominees were received from the State and Territory Associations and assessed by the Awards Committee. The final recommendation was sent to the TA Board for ratification. 

The winner of the John Ison award for 2016 is Lyndell Murray. Congratulations Lyndell!

Lyndell Murray  
Lyndell Murray has been a part of the Technical Official programme for the past 10 years.  During that time, she has been continually actively involved in all levels of officiating, from being an official at a local race to a Technical Delegate at an OTU event.

During this time, Lyndell has helped develop the capacity of the Queensland Technical Officials, by delivering Local Technical Official LTO and Regional Technical Official RTO courses, and completing assessing and mentoring roles.  Lyndell's calm considered approach in all areas has translated to well trained, confident officials in the Queensland programme.

Lyndell's depth of knowledge of the rules, their application, and her ability to think on her feet make her an excellent official demonstrated by her selection for TD an aTD roles for prestigious races.

Lyndell also extends her knowledge by self-funding to races, both within Australia and internationally to embed her knowledge on the field of play.

John Ison Award - Lyndell Murray 

L to R - Gergely Markus - ITU Sport Director, Lyndell Murray, Jacqui Kenny



The award has been added to our framework to honour the late Rob George - Rob George a valued long term member of the Triathlon Australia technical program having joined in 2004.

Nominees were received from the State and Territory Associations. The Awards Committee reviewed all nominees, and agreed upon the following inaugural winners. 

The winners of the Rob George award for 2016 are Mike Allan (QLD), Cathy Hoare (WA), Sara McGuire (NSW) and Jenny Hosking (VIC). Congratulations! 
Mike Allan (QLD)  
Mike has officiated at every level event in Queensland for 7 years, including officiating at some 26 events in one year alone.  He has successfully mentored many TO's, run management courses for the technical program and encouraged those experiencing difficulties to persevere and gain further experience with success. 

His psychology experience in the field of play is invaluable and has been proven to be a great asset for Triathlon Queensland.  That expertise and his experience has also been utilised by Triathlon Australia when they appointed him to Chairman of the Technical Operational Risk Assessment Committee, a role where he helps plan the strategic future of triathlon in Australia, further showing his commitment to the sport.

Mike is an accredited  Regional Technical Official (RTO) and an ITU National Technical Official (NTO).                       


 Mike Allan 2


Cathy Hoare (WA)  
Her commitment to mentoring technical teams and ensuring their preparedness is highly lauded, especially to new recruits.

She has a great rapport with all the Race Director's and is committed to working with both professional Race Director's and clubs to help them deliver successful and safe events.

Her passion and dedication to ensure athletes are given every chance to race safely and fairly is obvious, and she is recognised by Senior International Officials, from both the ITU and Ironman as an asset to any technical team.

 Cathy Hoare 2
Jenny Hosking (VIC)                                    

Jenny has shown extraordinary commitment to the technical programme in both regional and metropolitan Victoria.  She has contributed to the recruitment of Technical Officials through presenting regional and local technical official courses for the last 3 years, as well as mentoring graduating technical officials from these courses.

In 2014/15 alone, Jenny officiated at more than 20 events (both regional and metropolitan) as well as sanctioning 44 events.  She is currently a member of the Triathlon Victoria Technical Committee and Triathlon Victoria Board.

Jenny won the 2015 Triathlon Victoria Technical Official Award and was a shortlisted finalist in the Victorian's Government's Community Sport & Recreation Awards 2015 (Community Umpire or Referee/Official of the Year).

 Jenny Hosking

Sarah Maguire (NSW)  

Sarah Maquire attended a Local Technical Official training course in March 2009 and joined the Triathlon Australia Technical Programme as an accredited NSW technical official.

In 2013 she advanced to a Regional Technical Official and become a member of the NSW Technical Official Mentoring Program.

In 2015/16 Sarah further increased her commitment to the Triathlon Australia Technical Program when she was appointed by the Triathlon NSW Board to the Triathlon NSW Technical Committee.  Sarah's triathlon activity levels as a technical official have been remarkable.  Since her entry into the Program she has attended many more events as a technical official than any other NSW Techncial Official.