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This is what the three Australian's had to say at the Official Press conference today ahead of theWTS Gold Coast race on Saturday. 

WTS Gold Coast Press Conference

Ashleigh Gentle
"I haven’t’ I guess thought too much about this year past Saturday and past Yokohama, which is the race after that we get fully announced, the team for the Australian’s."

"It’s a bit funny trying to concentrate on the start of the year so much."

"We’ve known for a long time what we have to do, I’ve just been focussed on that. The time has finally come to put our best races together."

Courtney Atkinson
"It’s exciting and its kind of surreal that we have such a big event and it’s on my local training zone.
To have the quality of the field on the Gold Coast is surreal."

"This is our selection and it’s an important race."

"Everyone else tells you your age, I still feel like a 21-year-old kid going around and as long as I still think that I’m still in with a fighting chance."

Aaron Royle

On his early qualification for Rio 

"It has given me a bit of breathing space I suppose at the start of the year. It’s been a different start for compared to my training partners, Gwen (Jorgensen) and I have had a bit of a different sort of training program."

"We’re trotting off for 4 hours on the bike and they going to do more race specific training."

"We’ve been able to qualify early and target that one day in August."

"Throughout the whole year the way I like to plan my year is keep building throughout the year and that’s how we plan to do it this year. Just make sure that slowly getting better and better throughout the year."