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2018 ITU World Triathlon grand final
12-16 Sept 2018

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National Coaching Program

Triathlon Australia boasts an enviable record on the world sporting stage. Australian athletes have consistently stood on the podiums at the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, World Championships, World Cups and IRONMAN events all over the world.

Behind the outstanding results of our athletes are a group of hardworking, dedicated coaches and support networks. Coaching is a life changing experience: for both the coach and the triathlete. Quality coaches working with passionate, committed triathletes in engaging training environments means every triathlete in Australia has the opportunity to realise their potential.


Each level of the National Coach TED (Training, Education and Development) pathway offers a set of skills and experiences to help coaches help athletes. 

The ‘levels’ system which has existed for many years has been replaced by a new accreditation system designed to better match the needs of the sport and the coaching requirements of our many thousands of athletes. Here is an outline of the Triathlon Australia Coach Education Framework.

Course Target Group More Information 
TRYstars Coach  Coaches working specifically with TRYSTARS program triathletes Contact your STTA 
Club & Community Coach  Coaches working with young and relatively inexperienced triathletes under the direction of a more senior triathlon coach.  Contact your STTA 
Development Coach Coaches working with triathletes / Paratriathletes who are preparing to compete in triathlon races.  Contact your STTA 
Performance Coach  Coaches working with triathletes / Paratriathletes who are preparing to compete in national and international level races.  Contact TA 
High Performance Coach  Coaches working with triathletes / Paratriathletes who are specifically targeting success in elite level international competitions at ITU or equivalent level, e.g. elite level Para-triathlon, elite level World Ironman Championships.  Contact TA Centre of Excellence


The Coach TED is built on the core principles of 'More coaches = better coaches', and 'GAIN, TRAIN & RETAIN'.

GAIN - Identify people with the potential to become effective triathlon coaches.

TRAIN - Provide quality training, education and development activities which help them to realise their potential as triathlon coaches.

RETAIN - Provide a long term coach development and continuous improvement pathway which encourages them to stay in the sport of triathlon.


The fundamental aim of coach accreditation is to equip coaches with the knowledge and skills they need to help triathletes improve their training and racing safely and systematically.


The first step in becoming an accredited Triathlon coach is to contact your State or Territory Triathlon Association (STTA). The STTAs conduct triathlon coach accreditation courses regularly and can connect you to right people with specialist expertise in triathlon coach training, education and development. 


Once you have completed a triathlon coaching course, you would then need to take out a coaching membership with triathlon Australia. If you are already an annual member, your membership will be upgraded to a coaching membership.


All coaches who complete their Triathlon Australia coaching accreditation through the Triathlon Australia membership system will be issued an individual Certificate of Currency as proof of their coaching insurance and be recognised as a Triathlon Australia Recognised Practicing Coach (RPC). A Triathlon Australia Coach membership includes all of the benefits of an Adult membership.


As a Triathlon Australia accredited triathlon coach, you will:

  • Gain the skills, knowledge and expertise to coach triathletes in the fundamentals of swimming, cycling, running and transition;
  • Develop knowledge of the basics of the science of triathlon, e.g. planning and programming, nutrition, sports physiology and growth and development;
  • Learn about the “art of coaching” – the fundamentals of communication and relationship building which are critical to quality coaching.
  • Be recognised as a Registered Practicing Coach and will be entitled to be listed on the Triathlon Australia website and State Association website.
  • Receive an individual certificate of currency for the current membership season.



Coaching accreditation is directly linked to your Triathlon Australia annual membership. Each year, when you renew your Triathlon Australia membership, you will be required to demonstrate evidence that they have completed a level of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) in order to retain your coaching membership.

This process will include reading, acknowledging and electronically signing the Coach’s Code of Behaviour, the Triathlon Australia member protection policy and a statutory declaration regarding your ongoing learning and continuous improvement.

find a coach

For more information on how to become a triathlon coach or to see a list of accredited triathlon coaches in your state, please visit the State and Territory association websites.

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