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The National Talent Academy Programme

What is the National Talent Academy?
The Triathlon Australia High Performance programme has established the National Talent Adademy (NTA) in order to help achieve it's vision of “Sustained International Success”.

The NTA is a camps based program established to provide a link between existing state junior development programs and the SIS/SAS network. The key deliverable of the NTA is to support talented athletes emerging from existing STTA junior development programs or via talent identification/talent transfer by:

  • enhancing their daily training environment through advice and mentoring to the NTA
    athletes home coach
  • offering a camps-based program which will provide specialist coaching and technical
    support in sports science and sports medicine
  • offering national and international (subject to selection) triathlon races opportunities

Who will deliver the NTA?
The NTA is divided into four regions each of which will be driven and managed by appointed National Talent Coaches (NTC).  The four regions and coaches are:

  • NSW & ACT – Keiran Barry
  • WA & SA  - Dan Atkins
  • VIC & TAS – Jan Rehula
  • QLD & NT – Craig Walton

Each NTA will deliver at least three technically based camps over 5 – 7 days during school holidays. The camps will be coordinated and driven by the National Talent Coach (NTC) who will act as Head Coach during the camp. The NTA camps will be supported by the SIS/SAS coach and other specialist coaches or technical experts as relevant to achieve the purpose of the camp.



How do I become a part of the NTA?
To be considered for selection into the NTA, athletes must first ensure they meet the eligibility criteria detailed in the information pack below. If an athlete does meet the eligibility criteria, then they may be considered for the NTA subject to the Automatic or Discressionary Selection process. The eligibility criteria and selection process can be found in the NTA information booklet at the bottom of this page.

Automatic selection can be achieved by meeing the National Performance Standards (NPS) minimum times during official Time Trial events. If you wish to be considered for selection into the NTA, then you can attend the NTA Time Trial events being conducted by the National Talent Coaches around the country.

NTA Selection Criteria - Automatic

ITU Junior and U23 Athletes that have met both the NPS times in the 1km Swim and 5km Run as per their age category in the following table:


16yrs 88.00% 0:13:10 0:17:44 0:30:54
17yrs 89.00% 0:13:03 0:17:34 0:30:37
18yrs 90.00% 0:12:56 0:17:25 0:30:21
19yrs 91.00% 0:12:48 0:17:15 0:30:04
20yrs 92.00% 0:12:41 0:17:06 0:29:47
21yrs 93.00% 0:12:34 0:16:56 0:29:31
22yrs 94.00% 0:12:27 0:16:47 0:29:14
23yrs 95.00% 0:12:20 0:16:38 0:28:58


16yrs 88.00% 0:12:19 0:15:24 0:27:43
17yrs 89.00% 0:12:13 0:15:16 0:27:28
18yrs 90.00% 0:12:06 0:15:07 0:27:14
19yrs 91.00% 0:11:59 0:14:59 0:26:59
20yrs 92.00% 0:11:53 0:14:51 0:26:44
21yrs 93.00% 0:11:46 0:14:43 0:26:29
22yrs 94.00% 0:11:40 0:14:35 0:26:14
23yrs 95.00% 0:11:33 0:14:26 0:25:59

NB – Age means the athletes age as at 31 DECEMBER in the year the time trials have been conducted

For more information and an expression of interest form, download the National Talent Academy Information Booklet


Click here to download the National Talent Academy Athlete & Coach BLUEPRINT

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