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Non Competing & Non Training

Volunteers are an invaluable part of our triathlon community. From bringing the orange slices and watermelon on race day, to our volunteer coaches and officials; they are the workforce that keep our sport running.

We also want to encourage as many people as possible to become fans of our sport, for just $5 you will be part of our triathlon community and helping us to grow and strengthen triathlon. 

Whether your supporting your friends and family that do participate, a support crew or just love the sport - we welcome you. You will be able to keep up with all that is happening through our monthly newsletter and of course the socials!

You might consider becoming a non-competing/non-training member of Triathlon Australia if you are:

  • Volunteering at your local Triathlon Australia affiliated club (in any capacity)
  • Volunteering at a Triathlon Australia Sanctioned Event as a Technical Official
  • Supporting our sport as a fan, spectator or support crew

Triathlon community is heavily dependent on its volunteer base, with the majority of clubs volunteer run and most major races often relying on a vast volunteer crew to deliver an event. To reflect this, we’ve kept our non-competing/non-training membership cost to a minimum in order to support and grow our volunteer workforce

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Public liability and personal accident insurance cover while you are racing in sanctioned events and training for sanctioned events for the duration of your membership. This is through our long term partners V-Insurance Group

20-21 Insurance Covers







  *Price inclusive of GST

Annual membership for those who will not compete in, or train for, triathlon or multisport events, but have a keen interest or involvement in the sport as a volunteer, spectator, and/or wish to receive regular updates and communication from National and State Associations. The association’s insurance policy does provide public liability and personal accident insurance cover if you are volunteering, or officiating at any club activity or sanctioned multisport event.

This type of membership does NOT provide you with Public Liability or Personal Accident Insurance whilst training for, or competing in events. Nor does it allow you to actively participate in club races or club training events.



Non-competing/Non-training Technical Official
Annual membership for individuals 18yrs and older (as of 31 Dec 2020) who hold a Technical Official accreditation but do not wish to compete in or train for triathlon or multisport events.




Non-competing/Non-training Coach (Volunteer) (definition>>)
Annual membership for individuals 18yrs and older (as of 31 Dec 2020) who are a Triathlon Australia accredited coach and ONLY coach as a volunteer in a Triathlon Australia Affiliated club environment but do not wish to compete in or train for triathlon or multi-sport events.

$5 $46

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Triathlon Australia Membership fees once paid and processed, are not refundable other than in exceptional circumstances. Applications for refund must be made in writing to the relevant STTA Executive Officer, setting out the exceptional circumstances claimed. All applications will be considered by the Executive Officer on a case-by-case basis and the Executive Officer’s decision on each case will be final. General injury from triathlon training and racing is not considered exceptional circumstances. Refund of membership fees will incur an administrative fee of $20.00 (inclusive GST), which will be deducted before membership fees are refunded.


We also have a list of Frequently Asked Questions that may be able to solve any queries you may have.  

To change your current membership package or if you have any questions about our membership packages, please email Triathlon Australia at or call on (02) 8488 6200.