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TriBike Transfer


Tribike Transfer 


Hassle Free bike transport

Triathlon NSW Members receive a discount with TriBike Transfer bookings! Simply visit TriBike Transfer to make a booking and apply your discount.

Transporting a bike with airlines for those events that are too far to drive can be a nightmare, full of worry and heart ache.  TriBikeTransfer was borne out of these exact experiences. Wanting to compete at events that were out of town but involved getting the bike on a plane and then spending a month before the event worrying about the whole process.

Competing should be fun and are a great way to have a holiday and get away with family and friends but worrying about the bike is a drag.

Dave and the gang at TriBikeTransfer transport the bikes complete (with only the front wheel removed) and have them ready on the Friday before event near transition.  Just as easy on the return journey.

No more:

  • Dismantling or reassembly

  • Airports, taxis and bike bags

  • Worry about damage while it’s on the plane

  • Hassle about making sure the setup is just the same as you’ve been training with


And don’t forget those hidden costs that we never think about like the extra taxi fare or rental car upgrade because we can’t share a cab any more, the extra baggage or over-weight charges or finding the broken derailleur or damaged rim.

All you need to worry about is getting yourself there and concentrate on having fun on race day.

If you require further information please contact Dave at

Phone No: 0404 404 029



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