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The New Blister Prevention System

Blisterproof™ is a new revolutionary product designed to prevent blisters from occurring. Australian owned and designed, this adhesive fabric acts like a second skin, preventing friction/rubbing, which is the main cause of blisters.

Blisterproof™ key lies in the shapes, moulded to fit various susceptible parts of the body. The shapes are designed to fit heels, feet, toes and hands.

 Blisterproof can be used during training or racing. The plasters can be applied directly on to the area that is of concern or alternatively they can be placed on the inside of the shoe for easy transition from swim to bike.

Ideally the plasters should be applied a couple of hours prior to the activity to ensure full adhesion. The adhesive is made from Zinc Oxide and is designed to be non-aggressive so as to not cause any damage when removing. 

Blisterproof™ is the ultimate solution for anyone prone to blisters. 

Use the code TRINSW15 to receive an exclusive deal of 15% off for Triathlon NSW members when buying products through the online store. Website: 


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