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Indoor Triathlon

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What is an 'Indoor Triathlon'?

Indoor Triathlon is an initiative from Triathlon Australia that has been designed and developed to encourage adult participation in the sport of triathlon by people who are currently low or even non exercisers. The program is designed to introduce you to the 3 different Swim - Bike - Run components of triathlon in a safe and supportive environment so that you become more confident about joining them together to complete your first triathlon event.


Indoor Triathlon is a fun and exciting introduction to the sport of triathlon for athletes of all abilities. It offers all the health and fitness benefits of an outdoor triathlon within the safety of your local fitness centre.

The Indoor Triathlon is based on time rather than distance, consisting of:
Swim: in the pool
Transition 1: move from the pool to cycle studio
Bike: on a stationary/indoor bike [spin]
Transition 2: move from the cycle studio to treadmills
Run: on a treadmill

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Athletes will have a fixed time to ‘transition’ between the swim and bike legs, and to move from the bike to the run. By the end of your race, you’ll have enjoyed a great full body fitness experience!

Whether you are committing to your first taste of triathlon, or you’re an experienced competitor looking for a new challenge, Indoor Triathlon has something for everyone. Race at your own pace in a safe supportive and social environment with other triathletes.


Athlete Guuide

This guide has been designed for the beginner triathlete with minimal  experience in the individual sports of swimming, cycling and running, but  with the desire to improve their health and fitness and try something new.

The Athlete Guide for Indoor Triathlon is intended to be used as a  preparation tool for adults and children over 10 years of age (or minimum height of 150cm) to prepare for  Indoor Triathlons. This guide does not represent the full spectrum of   training and information required to compete in outdoor triathlons.


See the event website for specific locations, dates and to enter.

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