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21st Anniversary Quarry Mining - Maitland Triathlons

21st Anniversary Quarry Mining - Maitland Triathlons

Celebrating 21 years, the Maitland Triathlon started way back in 1994 and grew to becoming  a large event which was highly anticipated and much enjoyed. After a five year hiatus, it was resurrected in 2017 and hailed a huge success, with the event growing in 2018, with a new lapped format. It celebrated it’s 20th anniversary in style.

Quarry Mining Maitland Triathlon 2018 from H Events on Vimeo.

Local Mining and Construction company Quarry Mining will again sponsor the event along with Westpac Rescue Helicopter. Together, the two companies are sponsoring Rod Marshdale to participate in the event. Rod’s life was saved by the quick work of the rescue chopper and has since undertaken a double lung transplant. Rod will participate on Sunday as part of the Quarry Team.

The event will be included on the Hunter Interclub Series calendar, affording further opportunities to for individuals to earn points for their club and wear their club kit with pride.

Triathlon events on offer include:

  • Long Distance with 2000m swim, 60km ride and 15km run.
  • Olympic Distance with 1500m swim, 40km cycle and 10km run
  • Sprint Distance with 750m swim, 20km cycle and 5km run.

The Summer Run offers;

  • 10km looped course (4 x 2.5km) as an individual.
  • Or the 10km can be completed in teams of 2 or 4.

Organisers are looking forward to making this triathlon and run the best ever. The new race compound at Queens Wharf Park (Morpeth boat ramp)  will allow extra space for a festival atmosphere with live music and improved sports expo. There is also plenty to do in Morpeth village after the race.  

If you sitting on the fence, the Early Bird prices shut on Sunday 18th August so there has never been a better time to register.  

For more info: www.maitlandtriathlon.com.au or please contact Paul Humphreys on 0409684246.


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