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Bicycle equipment restrictions and Rules at the NSW All Schools Triathlon 2016

The Junior Category, Open Intermediate and Open Senior events will be conducted as Non-Drafting events under the Triathlon Australia Race Competition Rules.

The Intermediate and Senior Championship events will be conducted under the ITU Competition Rules as a draft legal event.

In 2016, there are no gearing restrictions, therefore, NO “roll-out” checks will be completed on any bike in any age group.

The following equipment restrictions will apply for ALL athletes competing in all age categories at this event the following equipment restrictions will apply:

i. The following bicycle types are ALLOWED:

a. road bike – must be used in Intermediate and Senior Championship Events
b. hybrid bike
c. mountain bike
d. youth style bike

ii. The following bicycle types are NOT ALLOWED:

a. time trial style bike
b. recumbent style bike
c. BMX bike

iii. Only standard drop, straight, or curved handlebars are allowed. No aero or time trial bars may be attached to the bike or used during competition. This includes “Factory Bridged Clip On Bars” normally allowed under the ITU Competition Rules.

iv. All wheels used in competition, with the exception of mountain bikes, hybrid bikes and youth style bikes, must have the following characteristics:

a. Both wheels must be of equal diameter
b. Wheels shall have at least 16 metal spokes
c. Spokes can be round, flattened or oval, provided their width does not exceed 2.4mm
d. The maximum rim dimension will be 25mm on each side
e. Wheels not complying with the above requirements are allowed to be used if they are included in the UCI non-standard wheel list.

v. No disc wheels or wheel covers are allowed.

vi. Tubular Tyres, if used, must be well glued, the levers of the quick releases must be closed tightly into the hubs and wheels must be properly fixed to the frame.

vii. Time trial style helmets may NOT be used.

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