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Club Divisions for 2018 NSW Club Championships


The club divisions for the 2018 NSW Club Championships have been announced with each division again set to be hotly contested affairs with club pride on the line.

In total, there will be three divisions as there were last year.

Each division is calculated on the total number of registered Triathlon NSW members each club has.

Also outlined in the tables below is the minimum requirement for volunteers a club must meet to be eligible to place in the top three of their relevant division. The minimum requirement for volunteers is based on 5% of the total number of members for each club. If a club does not meet the volunteer requirements the club next below them on the points ladder will claim their place (if they meet the minimum volunteer requirement).

For further information on the 2018 NSW Club Champs divisions and volunteer requirements, please see below;


If you haven’t already registered for what is the pinnacle of the season in NSW, CLICK HERE to register.

Division 1


2018 Club Championships Division 1


Division 2


2018 Club Championships Division 2


Division 3


2018 Club Championships Division 3

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