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Club championship glory on the line

Could Balmoral Tri Club return to the highest peak and claim Club Championships prestige this year or will Hills Tri Club triumph? The battle, banter and club rivalry has been set.

2012 will remain a year that is fixed in our memory for varied reasons. The passing of the iconic Whitney Houston seems like it was only yesterday and we bid our farewell to a true hero and maybe the most recognisable name on the world stage - Mr. Neil Armstrong. Barack Obama was re-elected for his second term as president of the United States and an Austrian sky diver became the first person to break the sound barrier without any machine assistance during a record space dive out of the helium-filled balloon.

But for those who live in the North of Sydney and are members of Balmoral Tri Club, 2012 remains the first and only time that the club experienced Triathlon NSW Division 1 Club Championships glory!

So the question needs to be asked – is 2019 the year we will see the BTC return to the summit? Triathlon NSW took some time to look at the data and statistics and we believe that this could their year! 

Leading into the 2018 event, Hills Triathlon Club were the largest club in NSW, by a long way. But they appear to have come back towards the rest of the pack this year and this removes their advantage. In 2018, Hills Tri Club were nearly 50 members larger than Balmoral Tri Club, but that number has reduced down to 30 this year. As we know, with both participation and performance points on the line, Club Championships is all about strength in numbers and the club that can get the most members to attend, put themselves in a strong position to win overall. This year, even before anyone has started the race Balmoral are in a strong position. 

The deeper we look, the more it shows that Balmoral Triathlon Club are amassing their troops with a view to making a massive push to take out their second Division 1 Club Champs victory. Since the launch of the Triathlon Australia 6 month membership offer, Balmoral have welcomed 12 new members into their club, whilst their main rival, Hills Tri Club have only signed up 6 new members. The gap between the clubs is swiftly closing. 

Another statistic which shows the weight is balanced towards a Balmoral victory comes from the Individual State Sprint distance championships race held in Kurnell over the weekend. Balmoral crowned 3 individual champions across all age groups, whilst their cross town rivals only took home two. That speaks to to the strong possibility of more victories and more performance points!
There have been rumours floating that Balmoral Triathlon Club have launched Operation (cunning as a) Fox. They believe the time has finally come to reclaim the NSW Club Championships title in 2019 and they are rallying all members of all ages and abilities to toe the start line. The call is strong for volunteers too and they are seeking anyone who is willing to step up and earn points including their grandparents, mums, dads, brothers, sisters, friends, colleagues, bus driver and favourite barista. Perhaps this is the year that Hills will not earn the most volunteer points at the event?

Hills Triathlon Club broke through for their maiden Division 1 Club Champs victory in 2017 and backed it up with another strong victory in 2018. There is no doubt, under the watchful eye of their new president Mat Edsal and with Robbie Glover leading the charge, they will be keen to make it a threepeat of victories. But will be they be aware of the 'cunning fox', that is out to catch them?

Allow me to leave you with a quote taken from one of the great bodybuilders, Hollywood move stars and politician of our time, Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger. As quoted in his historic film 'Pumping  Iron' ‘The King of the Hill can only go down – or stay up. The fox on the hill is not as hungry as the fox climbing the hill, but when he wants the food, it’s there’. 

Surely after reading this, it’s time to gear up for club glory and REGISTER NOW!

Please remember, you must be a fully financial member of Triathlon Australia to race, review membership options.

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