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Cycling equipment restrictions for NSW All Schools Triathlon Championships


Attention athletes & parents of entrants to the NSW All Schools Triathlon Event 22nd – 23rd February:

Please ensure that you are aware of the rules published by the All Schools Triathlon Committee with regards to Cycling equipment restrictions.

These restrictions include:

  • No time trial style bikes allowed
  • No recumbent style bikes allowed
  • No BMX bikes allowed
  • Only standard drop, straight or curved handlebars are allowed- No aero or time trial bars may be attached to the bike or used during competition.
  • Wheels must have at least 16 spokes and the construction of the rim shall exclude the use of composite fibres (carbon, Kevlar, Aramid and similar fibres)
  • No disc wheels
  • Time trial style helmets may NOT be used.

We have been advised by the conveners of next week's NSW All Schools Triathlon, that they will allow athletes to participate in the event if they breach the above rules HOWEVER will be advised on race day that they will be INELIGIBLE for official placings and medals.

Triathlon NSW wishes to reiterate to participants that eligibility for the Triathlon NSW SSA Championships Team under the published Selection Policy will be based on athletes adhering to the published race rules.

Essentially, your bike must comply within ALL the above listed restrictions to be eligible for automatic selection under the published Triathlon NSW Selection Policy for the School Sport Australia Championships.

We provide this communication to our members as we are concerned that participants may not be aware of these rules until race day (which may me too late for some).

You should note that this event is NOT an event sanctioned by Triathlon NSW and therefore is subject to the rules and conditions applied by the NSW All Schools Triathlon Association.


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