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Did you catch the news on the updated race rules?

Triathlon Australia has recently amended the Race Competition Rules which came into effect on 1 July. You can find them on the Triathlon Australia website.

Here is some commentary on the amendments (note that you should also familiarise yourself with the whole text of the amendments): 

1.1.j –Communication devices & headphones. Competitors cannot use these devices in a distracting manner – ie no calls, texts or two-way radio usage, no headphones or music, no photos or social media. But it is not illegal to carry a communication device, as long as it is not used in a distracting manner on the field of play.

2.7 – Calf sleeves. This rule has been extended to make it illegal to wear a calf sleeve in a wetsuit optional swim, if you have chosen not to wear a wetsuit. However you may wear a calf sleeve if you choose to wear a wetsuit. You are permitted to put calf sleeves on in T1 following the swim.

5.2 – Mount and dismount line. This rule clarifies the circumstances on where you can mount and dismount your bike.

1.4 – Outside assistance. An athlete can not physically assist the forward progress of another athlete on any part of the course.

2.8 – Swimskins. This rule clarifies that a swim skin is constructed from 100% textile material only, and that it can’t extend past the shoulders or knees. A rubber gripper is ok. You can test whether your swim skin is allowed by holding the fabric up to a light – if you can see through it, it is textile. If you can’t, it most likely contains banned materials.

6.6 - Blue card time penalties. This rule clarifies what you are permitted to do in the penalty box. You may consume food and drink that you are carrying with you, but you may not maintain or adjust your bike. If you choose to go to the toilet then the penalty clock will be paused until you return.

5.6 and 5.7 - Transition area conduct (new rules). You cannot excessively mark your position in transition in a manner that disadvantages other competitors. Examples of this are chalk markings, balloons and towels that create a slip hazard.  Only equipment used in the race can be left in transition. i.e, you cannot leave bags in transition.

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