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Free TriShave Travel Packs on offer for Club Champs


Thanks to our wonderful sponsor TriShave, any adult who registers for the NSW Club Championships in the month of February will go into the draw to win one of 20 TriShave Travel Packs (10 male, 10 female).

With club pride on the line, all clubs in NSW will head to the beautiful country surrounds of Gosling Creek Reservoir in Orange on Saturday the 24th of March 2018 to participate or volunteer in a triathlon consisting of a 1km swim, a 30km bike ride and an 8km run.


With well over 1000 participants from over 50 clubs in NSW taking part in the day, the NSW Club Championships is not just one of the most keenly anticipated events of the Triathlon calendar, it is one of the most eagerly awaited trips away of the year, which makes this prize pack absolutely perfect!

“I would like to wish all the clubs and triathletes lots of fun, friendly competition and enjoyment at the 2018 NSW Club Champs! I am happy to have TriShave involved in another fantastic season of triathlon with Triathlon NSW,” Trishave Director Larisa Alexander said.  

The winners of the prize packs will be notified at the end of February.

The prize packs include:

MaleTriShave travel pack


All your shaving essentials for healthy, irritation-free skin:

  • 30g TriShave 3in1 Anti-Rash Shave Creme.
  • 15g TriShave 3in1 Post Shave SPF30+ Moisturising Lotion.
  • Speed 3 Disposable Razor with lubricating strip and pivot head all contained in a handy plastic zip locked bag. 

The genius of Trishave Travel Pack is that the unique 3in1 formulas of the Shave Creme and Post Shave results in fewer products needed to travel.

TriShave Travel Pack - Female


Take the irritation out of shaving and travel:

  • TriShave 3in1 Shave Creme - Women 30g
  • TriShave 3in1 UV Body Defense SPF30+ Moisturising Lotion - Women 30g
  • Speed 3 Disposable Razor with pivoting blade technology adjusts to the contours of your skin.

Enjoy the luxurious feel and protection of the smart 3in1 TriShave anti-rash formulas and UV defence formulas.


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