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Introducing Triathlon NSW’s newest club – ‘Average Joe/ Josephine’s Triathlon Club’.

Introducing Triathlon NSW’s newest club – ‘AJTC’ or ‘Average Jo/ Josephine’s Triathlon Club’. 

Referring to themselves as ‘Joe’s’, a term which covers off their male and female members, they promote their club as ‘Sydney most inclusive’ and believe they can take on any club when it comes to social events and post-race celebrations!  Based in Bondi Beach, with training sessions in Centennial Park and Andrew Boy Charlton, their members come from the Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches and Inner city of Sydney. 

We sat down with Iain MacHattie, president of our newest club and got all the inside information.

Your website states you are ‘Sydney most inclusive Club’. Why should someone join your club?

We want everyone to feel like they can take on a triathlon, and do it, and enjoy it! It doesn’t matter if you can’t swim, you don’t have a bike, or you dislike running. Most of the Joes felt that way about a discipline or the whole thing, we aim to make training fun, and make friends in the process.  We are a rag tag bunch of triathlon lovers who love getting together to train, swap advice on buying bikes and sip ridiculously small coffees of a morning.

What events will the club be targeting?

Big husky and Noosa will be our main club focus events but we will have our newbies taking on super sprint level triathlons across the state. You will also see Joe’s tackling longer distances including half Ironman events. We also have good attendances for ocean swims across the eastern suburbs and northern beaches to encourage those new and experienced to open water swimming. All in our Budgy smuggler designed swimmers!

What training sessions or social events do you offer?

We have two mid-week cycles before work at centennial park - with distances ranging from 15-30km to give us time for a social coffee afterwards!

We also have a swim squad we run weekly at Andrew boy Charlton delivering a tailored program from our partners at Swimlabs to benefit experienced open water swimmers all the way through to those who have literally never swam. We want everyone to feel they can jump in the water.

Outside of these set training sessions, we often organise weekend cycles and runs to accommodate the group.

But our social events are equally important. We have a quarterly meet up on the eastern suburbs usually for dinner and a few drinks. We would take any club on when it comes to social events!  We are all about bringing the group together through training and events.

 What are the long term plans for the club?

We want to keep growing, we feel like there is a gap in the market for people who feel like they want to give a triathlon a go, want to give it a try, but don’t know where to start, or who to train with. We want to have Joes participating in every distance, in every age group, and as long as they are having copious amounts of fun then we are achieving what we set out to do. 

 How can someone contact you if they are keen to join?

You can reach out to us on our website (http://ajtc.com.au/) or Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ajtriclub/)

Alternatively you are welcome to contact Iain MacHattie direct - 0466 278 777




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