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Introducing Triathlon NSW’s newest club, the Australian Chinese Triathlon Club


Triathlon NSW is happy to announce that a new club has joined our ranks for the 2017-18 season, the Australian Chinese Triathlon Club.

Based out of Hurstville and training at Sydney Park and Centennial Park, the Australian Chinese Triathlon Club now takes Triathlon NSW’s list of clubs out to 60 for the 2017-18 season.

Club Development and Community Programs Manager Chris Cunningham is pleased at the addition of another club in New South Wales, especially one that incorporates another demographic of the population.

Any time a new club joins our community it’s an exciting development and we whole heartedly welcome this new group to our sport,” Cunningham said.

“This new club is particularly encouraging given Triathlon Australia’s ‘Whole of Sport’ operational plan is focused on encouraging and enabling the participation of multicultural groups.

“We look forward to seeing the Australian Chinese Triathlon Club competing across all Triathlon NSW sanctioned events this summer, particularly their appearance the their inaugural NSW Club Championships in March 2018.”

The Australian Chinese Triathlon Club currently has 39 members and originated from several ‘fun run’ groups within the Chinese community in Sydney.

“We are proud of becoming the first triathlon club focused on the Chinese community,” President Justin Hou said.

“We will write the new story in Chinese triathlon history in Australia. We are showing people a new life style in Chinese community, bringing more people together who love sports to have fun and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. We will also try to motivate people to challenge their limit.

“Most of our members have an Ironman triathlon dream; we train together, share the spirit and story.

“We currently have 39 members, many of them have participated in marathons but are also some that are new to the sport of triathlon. Everyone is excited and our aim is to increase our number of members to 50-100 next year.”

For more information on the Australian Chinese Triathlon Club, head to: https://www.facebook.com/ACTriathlon/
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