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Is pain holding you back? Pilates for Sports might be the answer!


Is pain and injury holding you back?

Do you suffer from:  
  • upper back pain 
  • tight shoulders 
  • knee soreness 
  • limited flexibility 
  • tight hip flexors, or 
  • muscle fatigue

If you answered YES to any of these, then Pilates For Sports might be the answer.  

Find out how good posture could be the single most important change, you can make this season.

Free Postural Assessment  

Providing a unique insight, Pilates For Sports is offering a free online postural assessment, designed to help every athlete recognise any deficiencies in their posture, and how it might impact their form.

The linkage between posture and good form is the bedrock upon which Pilates for Sports is based. Pain, tightness and muscle fatigue are common signs of poor form, particularly during a hard session or late in the race. 

The Pilates For Sports program will address these issues, by providing workouts that stretch, strengthen and balance the body's muscles. From the very first workout you will feel your range of motion improve as the workouts build a strong and stable core, giving you the foundation of good form. 


Start Free Postural Assessment


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