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It’s a Family Affair: Balmoral Tri Club Relay Team Wins Gold at Kurnell

When the Gonsalves family moved to Australia three years ago, Ryan Gonsalves was struck by a realisation. 

“You realise there’s a sport that everyone does,” says the Cremorne-based father. “I thought, all Australians must do triathlons.” 

Though it’s certainly no rival for the ‘big’ Australian sports like rugby and cricket, triathlon is definitely popular, and especially in the Balmoral area, home to one of NSW’s biggest clubs. 

Gonsalves’ 10 and 11 year old sons soon started doing the Mildren Events Go-Tri events at Manly Dam, and last month joined the Balmoral Triathlon Club junior program, coached by Jack McPhee. 

With the whole family signed up as BTC members, the next logical step was to enter a race and try out their new multisport skills. Individually, Reuben, Ryan and Noah Gonsalves are great athletes – but what better way to contest Kurnell 1 than as a superstar family team.  

“We looked at the super sprint relay and the minimum age was 10 years, and they can swim and run, so I thought, we should do it,” explains Gonsalves. 

The team excitedly gathered on the beach at Kurnell last Sunday morning for the race in perfect conditions, when Gonsalves got nervous. “I hadn’t worked it out until the start when I saw Reuben line up in the water… and he was really small next to the adults. Suddenly I thought that’s my little 10 year old, but he just jumped in, and he really enjoyed it.” 

Reuben’s older brother, Noah, waited at the water’s edge and ran with Reuben to transition, where dad Ryan took the reins. After a great bike leg, Noah rounded out the relay race with a stellar run which led the Gonsalves team to victory in the super sprint relay category. 

“I wanted them to enjoy it, to go out there and have fun,” Gonsalves told Triathlon NSW. “Reuben has already said he wants to do another one, and we will look at going to Kurnell again in January.” 

The triumphant brothers wore their gold medals all day and took them to school on Monday, before swiftly drafting Santa letters that asked for new bikes for Christmas. 

It’s a testament to the friendly Balmoral Triathlon Club that the Gonsalves family have only been in the club for a month, but have already thrown themselves into the deep end. Certainly, we can’t wait to see the evolution of the Gonsalves family in our sport.

To register into Kurnell 2, being held on Saturday 18th January:  CLICK HERE

To find out more about the Balmoral Triathlon Club: http://www.balmoraltriclub.org.au/

To find your next race, go to: https://calendar.triathlon.org.au/

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