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NSW's Emma Jeffcoat is having the season of her career!2018 Chengdu Jeffcoat

"What more can I say than proud as punch to be living the dream!"

Triathlon NSW chat with the young gun as she chases her triathlon dreams around the world.

Favourite places to train in New South Wales and why?
My favourite place to train in NSW outside of my home training environment In Sydney would have to be up the Mid North Coast of NSW towards foster at our holiday home in Seal Rocks. I absolutely love it up there, ocean swims, trails for days to run and mountain bike on, quiet undulating roads & backyard gym work! Plus some cross training surfing on the side. 

What keeps Emma Jeffcoat motivated?
I live by the motto "Dare 2 Dream!" Put simply, I'm motivated by some BIG dreams both in Triathlon and outside, and each day is a chance to take another step towards those dreams through hard work and determination! Plus the excitement of daring to dream big is a pretty big motivator to jump out of bed each day! 
What inspired you into the sport of triathlon?
I always dreamed of making an Olympic Games Team and not only competing in the green and gold but going for the gold! So when I  finished high school I had a decision to make as I knew I wanted to be a professional athlete and was heavily involved with surf life saving (swimming, board paddling and ocean ski paddling) at the time, but with it not being an Olympic sport, I decided to give triathlon a red hot go and dive in head first. That was back in 2013. 

How important is it for triathletes of all abilities to join a NSW triathlon club?
I think It's super important for everyone from professional Triathletes to the first time "Tri" to join a NSW Triathlon club. It gives you a friendly community to connect with who share your passion and who will be willing to help If needed, whether that be at events, clinics, training sessions, or practice local Triathlon club races. I joined Warringah Triathlon club back in 2012 and am still very much part of the club today. 

Words to encourage someone into the sport of triathlon?
I think triathlon is a brilliant challenge for everyone, there's so many different distances/ events on offer for everyone to find their right challenge and goal to set. Triathlon is so much fun & such a rewarding sport which allows for some great travel race destinations too! 
Best piece of advice that you take on your journey?
Dare to Dream! 
Work hard in silence, let success be your noise! 

Most memorable moment when you started in the sport?
My most memorable moment starting in the sport of triathlon would be my first ever triathlon in my last year of school, on a hired bike & in sneakers for the run & ride, not even aware the bike had gears, smiling away and as determined as I am now, surprising myself to finish 3rd in the state and make the team for nationals.
What does it mean to you to put on the green and gold and represent Australia at the highest level of competition?

For me, every time I put on the green and gold it's such a proud moment, it signifies a lot of hard work, persistence, dedication, & when it comes to putting on my green and gold tri suit to step out on the world stage & race for my country, it's such a reward & all part of the dream I had years ago to be a Professional (Tri)Athlete!
So what more can I say than proud as punch to be living the dream! 

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