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Koa Recovery offer for Triathlon NSW Members


For those of you that read the Australian Triathlete Magazine, you would have noticed an article in the recent addition on Koa Recovery.

Walking distance from Redfern Station, Koa Recovery offers premium therapies for sports recovery, injury prevention and management as well as overall health and wellbeing. Therapies include whole body cryotherapy, float therapy, compression therapy (NormaTec) and Electrical Muscle Stimulation (Compex).

For those interested in experiencing the recovery and wellbeing benefits offered by Koa Recovery, the following deals have been made available exclusive to Triathlon NSW members:

  • 1x cryotherapy / float therapy combo: $125 (a saving of $83)
  • 3 x cryotherapy sessions: $200 with free NormaTec (a saving of $187)
  • 3 x float therapy sessions: $150 with free NormaTec (a saving of $237)
  • Free use of NormaTec with every cryotherapy, float or combo purchased.

Koa Recovery will also offer further group discounts for clubs who wish to book in cryotherapy sessions with groups of five or more. 

Call (02) 8068 2615 CLICK HERE to make your appointment.

CLICK HERE to read the article published in Australian Triathlete Magazine.


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