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Local Sport Defibrillator Grant Program – encouraging NSW triathlon clubs to apply

The Local Sport Defibrillator Grant Program allocates $4 million over four years to assist sporting clubs across NSW in the purchase and maintenance of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).

An AED is a life saving device which delivers a controlled shock to an individual experiencing cardiac arrest, increasing their chances of survival.

Despite being fit and in the form of his life, Sydney triathlete Graham Bruce ‘pretty much died’ from a heart attack.

Thankfully he was revived onsite at an event and has since used his frightening experience to spread awareness on the importance of defibrillators within the sporting and wider community.

Graham Bruce Fire brigade, Crow’s Nest - on his death experience where Graham Bruce suffered a heart attack at a triathlon event..

“I went down and they put me in recovery.”

“My wife was there. She is very strong. Females, they are tough. She gave me mouth to mouth on the day.”

“It’s experiences like this that brings it home. You just have to look at the positives.”

“I was lucky where it happened, it near the finish line where the defib was and the people around. I was fortunate enough that even if there wasn’t a defib, there were trained people and emergency people with CPR training on hand.”

“I definitely would encourage triathlon clubs to apply for the program.”

“I was given a defib and I have given it to my triathlon club. It’s there for everyone at our club races to use and for the members of the public. We will take it to specific training sessions, to the Club Championships. They need to be around the course I encourage clubs to apply for the program and get one.”

“Realising that you might be fit on the outside, you might not be fit on the inside. Lots of friends, colleagues have been checked out. My advice is for everyone to get checked out. Just because someone competes and they might be fit doesn’t mean they’re fit on the inside.”

“My game plan is now to do what I can do. I just want to cross the finish line, hug my wife and go straight to medical and get a check-up.”

“Triathlon, it’s my social life. I just love it.”

“It really is about starting, finishing, having fun and to remember it’s not just about you – you’ve got a family. Be aware you’re not invincible.” 

The Local Sport Defibrillator Grant Program provides NSW sports clubs and councils the opportunity to acquire an AED package for their club or sports facility at a reduced cost.
Sporting organisations and councils will be able to choose from a panel of approved AED Panel Service Providers and a variety of AED packaged services with the level of customer service that meets their needs.

For information on Heart Foundation Australia please visit the website.

Find out more about the Local Sport Defibrillator Program.

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