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NSW Individual State Champs Events


The start of the new year affords a number of opportunities to etch your name into eternal glory as a NSWI ndividual Champion across a set distance. 

Sprint Distance State Championships (750M SWIM, 20KM BIKE, 5KM RUN)
 for info on the event
Saturday 18th January 2020

State Championships Aquathon (1KM SWIM, 5KM RUN)
Cronulla Tri Club’s Richie Walker Aquathon
Sunday 8th February 2020

Standard Distance State Championships  (1.5KM SWIM, 37KMBIKE, 10KM RUN)
H-Event’s Newcastle City Triathlon Festival
Sunday 23rd February 2020

Long Course State Championships (1.9KM SWIM, 90KM BIKE, 21.1KMRUN)
Elite Energy’s Big Husky
Sunday 1st March 2020

You must be a fully financial member of Triathlon Australia / NSW to qualify for these titles, so be sure to sort that out ASAP: click here.



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