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Preliminary Notice of Annual General Meeting


Preliminary Notice of Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting of Triathlon NSW Ltd

Will be held
7.00pm WEDNESDAY 28th OCTOBER 2015

In accordance with Rule 26 of the Constitution of Triathlon New South Wales Limited, Nominations for election as an Interested Director must be: in writing; on the prescribed form (if any) provided for that purpose; endorsed by the Recognised Triathlon Club confirming that the nominee is an individual member of the Recognised Triathlon Club; and certified by the nominee (who must be a Member) expressing his or her willingness to accept the position for which he or she is nominated.
Nominations must be received by the General Manager at least 35 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
If the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies to be filled, a secret ballot shall be taken in such usual and proper manner as the chair directs.
The Constitution of Triathlon New South Wales Limited requires that the Board will comprise of not less than six (6) but no more than eight (8) directors.
Each Director is elected for a term of 2 years, with 3 Directors elected in each year of odd number.
Accordingly the term of the positions currently held by the following expire at this Annual General Meeting:
Grant Leslie
Karen Malzard
Jo Magill
The following, being elected at the AGM in 2014, are currently half way through their term of office and therefore will remain as Directors for the next year:
 Interested Director: Glenn Schwarzel
 Interested Director: John Stroud
 Interested Director: Lucy Burgmann
Additionally, the board appointed Michael Gleeson as an Independent Director for a term of two years in June 2014 and therefore remains a member of the Board at this time.
I have attached the following documents:
 Nomination Form for position of Interested Director
 Board Director, Triathlon New South Wales - Position Description
All Nominations should be accompanied by a Candidate Statement that will allow the nomination to be assessed by a nominations committee against the skills described in the Position Description.
Those nominees who have the required skill set, will be put to the AGM for Election by the Club Representatives.
Nominations should be directed to:
Phillip Dally
Chief Executive Officer
Triathlon NSW
PO Box 13

Email: phil.dally@trinsw.org.au

A completed nomination form must be received by the CEO no later than 35 days prior to the Annual General Meeting, therefore received by 5:00pm, Wednesday, 23rd September 2015.

Position Description
Nomination Form

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