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Q and A with rising star Lorcan Redmond


It’s been a monumental triathlon season for young NSW star Lorcan Redmond.

His achievements have been both diverse and outstanding and despite all the accolades that have come his way, Lorcan has remained a highly respectful, humble and polite young man.

Starting off in July 2016 when as a Year 10 student, he was announced as one of only twelve inaugural recipients of the newly-established Australian Commonwealth Games Association (ACGA) NSW Athlete Grant.

“Thank you very, very much,” said a humble Lorcan at the time. “I will continue to work hard to make Triathlon NSW, my coaches, my family and myself very proud”.

And that he did.

“Lorcan is one of the most talented kids to have ever come into the sport. We just need to keep him in the right environment to ensure his longevity and provide the best opportunity for him to develop to his full potential,” said Phil Dally Chief Executive Officer of Triathlon NSW.

Lorcan has achieved outstanding results in his short triathlon career, including wins at the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Australian All Schools Triathlon, and an impressive list of state and national youth triathlon events.  He has also achieved stand out results in athletics and cross-country including a World Record in 5000m for a 13-year-old male.

The Newcastle Grammar School student’s 2016-17 season only added to his already impressive resume.

Lorcan’s achievements included:

  • Qualified for the National Talent Academy (Swim/Run automatic times)
  • 2nd at the Runaway Bay Australian Junior Triathlon Series Race #1
  • 3rd at the Robina Australian Junior Triathlon Series Race #2
  • 2nd at the Adelaide Australian Junior Triathlon Series Race #3
  • 1st in the NSW All Schools Triathlon by 1 minute 52 seconds
  • Named Male Captain of the NSW team at the School Sport Australia Triathlon Championship
  • 1st at the School Sport Australia Triathlon Championships by 25 seconds (4th consecutive win)
  • Was instrumental in leading the NSW Mixed Senior Relay team to victory at the School Sport Australia Triathlon Championships. NSW won by 13 milliseconds.
  • Selected for the Junior Worlds Team

With all these achievements to his name, Triathlon NSW media thought it was only right that we caught up with Lorcan as we approach the conclusion of the 2016/17 season.

What do you love about triathlon as a sport?

I love the fact that Triathlon is so challenging. No matter who you are, no matter what you do, you are bound to find something within each and every race that puts you outside your comfort zone. 

I realise the tremendous opportunity I have been granted to be able to get outside and do what I love each and everyday. It isn’t quite as hard as people try to make it out to be, sure it hurts a bit… but the pain is inflicted by will. I purely love zoning out and hurting.

What you put in is what you get out… the numbers don’t lie! 

At the start of the season, what were your goals? Did you achieve them all? 

The support network I am surrounded by are assisting me to build a ‘whole-person’. At the current moment family is the priority, school is second and sport follows. The simple goal for this season was to learn a lot, race hard, and stay consistent in training and racing despite uncontrollable variables.

I feel I achieved this goal and performed well. I race and train because I love it and my season regarding performance and results was a moot point in regards to my development.

I still have a long time to learn and experience what is required. I’ve always admired athletes who are consistent on a day to day, week to week, month to month basis, like Javier Gomez, Katie Ledecky (Swimming) and Mark Allen to name a few. So yes, it was quite a successful season on that front.

Can you give readers an insight into your training regime? How hard did you work for all your success and is it difficult juggling this with your studies?

The focus is on consistency in my training, so two sessions on most days. Due to so many commitments such as school, racing for both triathlon and running, school sport and weekend sports, there is no fixed structure. My favourite session is a weekend bike race at Kooragang Cycling Club (1hr 30 of hard racing).  Quite a few National Road Series cyclists are in amongst it and its great fun to empty the tank. 

I am currently in year 11 at Newcastle Grammar School and the support is absolutely phenomenal. All the teachers and students are supportive and ensure that I am up to date and given a hand when needed. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to be around; it makes studying a breeze.

How proud of your achievements are you this season and what in particular was the proudest moment for you?

I’m not really one to dwell on results. I am happy, but not proud. I am already excited for next season!

Being named Captain of the NSW team for the School Sport Australia Triathlon Championships is a massive honour. How did that make you feel?

Yes, it was a fantastic honour. I remember my first SSA National Championships 5 years ago, in Adelaide for Cross Country. I was terrified to say the least! I didn’t even keep my breakfast down on race morning. It was amazing to see some of the younger Juniors racing their hearts and contributing to the team environment. Being the team captain alongside Lauren Kerwick was a tremendous experience and I hope we did team #NSWStrong proud!

You had plenty of success at the School Sport Australia Triathlon Championships. How did it feel to win the individual race and then to back it up with a win in the mixed relay?

It was my 4th consecutive win in the individual race. I knew what had to be done and I am glad I executed the race in a controlled manner. All the athletes out there from Junior to Seniors raced hard and it was great to be a part of. It was awesome to work alongside Matilda Offord, Lauren Kerwick and Connor Whiteley in the Mixed Team Relay. The girls gave us a great lead and Connor anchored us home. Triathlon NSW, Triathlon Australia and School Sport Australia put on a wonderful event!

Mick Delamotte has informed us that you were selected in the Junior Worlds Team. What exactly does that selection entail?

The Triathlon World Championships are held in September each year. Rotterdam is the host city this year. I will be racing in the Elite Junior sprint distance race (S 750m/B 20km/R 5km). There are three males and three females on the Junior team and we are all familiar with each other having raced together throughout the Junior Series.

How influential were your coaches to your success? What impact have they had in your development?

Rod Cook and Ben Higginbottom have been in my corner since day one. They have and always will be two people whom I trust and aspire to replicate during my day to day endeavours. Rod and Ben both believe that developing into a ‘whole’ person is much more important than being a perfect athlete at a young age.

Rod hasn’t had an easy trek throughout his years yet he is still kicking on at the Ironman distance and laying down some fast times. Rod is by far one of the hardest working, yet selfless people I have ever come across. Rod is one damn tough bloke!

CLICK HERE to read Rod Cook’s inspirational story.

Ben is by far one of the best coaches I have had the joy to work with. Believe me, I have seen a lot as I have played every team and individual sport from Basketball to Cricket and even taken Ballet classes…. that’s a story for another time though. Ben isn’t caught up in all the ‘shortcut/easy-work’ training ideology that many people try to find. He always gives the truth and doesn’t ‘flower’ up what needs to be heard.

Ben inspires me that anything is possible if you work for it. Ben has held me from competing in a few things, which I may disagree with at the time, but I have found it always turns out to be the right call. I definitely don’t doubt any call he makes now! He’s not too shabby a runner himself… dropping a sub 60min Fernleigh15 (Local Newcastle running race). 

Mick Delamotte has taken me under his wing in the Triathlon NSW program and taught me a vast array of things, especially the necessity to focus on the processes on race-day. In the last season, I have been on camps with the Triathlon NSW Emerging Talent Squad and it has been a pleasure and joy to learn many hard lessons with him.

Just don’t mention cola, McDonalds or BBQ Pizza Shapes to him :)

Is there anybody else that you would like to thank or pay tribute to?

Over the last couple of months I have been receiving some help and mentorship from Jamie Turner. It has been absolutely fantastic picking his brain and learning off him. Jamie has inspired me to better myself in everything I do. He stresses that exploration is key as a Junior and that you should never shy away from getting in and getting your hands dirty in training and racing. The process is much more important than the outcome. In the short stints I have done with his group, bucket-loads of information have filled my journal!

My parents are obviously the most important people in my life though… after my bike, and yes, my bike is a person! In all seriousness, my mum and dad have been absolutely fantastic and have given into the idea that I am in no rush to become a doctor or lawyer!

You’re currently in Year 11 at Newcastle Grammar School. What are your goals next season, for Year 12 and your long-term goals in the future?

School is the primary focus this for the next 18 months. I will still train and race competitively, but with no pressure or expectations. I will be working hard for a good mark on my graduate certificate. 

After that, I’ll probably learn how to swim, ride and run really, really fast, ha ha!

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