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Rotterdam Age Group Race Results

Congratulations to NSW triathletes Jasmine Eden Gray, Michellie Jones and Campbell Dawson on their Gold Medal victories in their respective age group sprint distances.

The full list of age group race medallists are as follows:


Sprint Distance Gold Medallists

16-19 Female Jasmine Eden Gray – Balmoral Triathlon Club, New South Wales

16-19 Male Luke Harvey – Sharks Triathlon Club, Queensland

25-29 Female Maighan Brown – DR Triathlon Coach, Queensland

45-49 Female Michellie Jones – Originally from NSW but currently located in the USA

55-59 Male Campbell Dawson – BRAT Triathlon Club, New South Wales


Standard Distance Gold Medallists

20-24 Female Madi Roberts – Red Dog Triathlon Club, Queensland

55-59 Female Janet Ferguson – Freemantle Triathlon Club, Western Australia


Sprint Distance Silver Medallists:

25-29 Female Shari-Ann Livingston – Geelong Performance Coaching, Victoria

30-34 Female Kate Bramley - Geelong Performance Coaching, Victoria

60-64 Male Richard Burnell – EFS Triathlon Club, Western Australia


Standard Distance Silver Medallists:

18-19 Female Hailey Mason – Ballarat Triathlon Club, Victoria

35-39 Male Leigh Anderson-Voight – Melbourne Triathlon Club, Victoria


Sprint Distance Bronze Medallists:

35-39 Female Stephanie Albert – Southbank Triathlon Club, Queensland

75-79 Male Peter Dwyer – Mornington Peninsula Triathlon Club, Victoria


Standard Distance Bronze Medallists:

25-29 Female Alexandra Keith – Riviera Triathlon Club, Victoria


CLICK HERE for a full list of results!


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