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Sample shows triathletes aged under 20 have lowest hip mobility, over 50s have highest

If you missed out on your free hip mobility test at Race 1 of The Triathlon Series you are in luck! Pete and his team from Precision Athletica will return to Kurnell this Sunday for Race 2 offering free hip mobility testing and collecting important data to better understand hip mobility and stress fractures in triathletes. 

Many triathletes took up the opportunity at Race 1 of The Triathlon Series to have a free hip mobility assessment by Precision Athletica. The free hip mobility assessments were a win-win for triathletes and Precision Athletica who are conducting research into hip mobility and reducing stress fractures. "We got some great data as a starting point to research among the general tri population and began to open eyes about the need for mobility and multi-directional movement," said Pete Magner CEO & Founder of Precision Athletica.  

"There was massive variability in the results from 0 to 100, and large variability across the groups. From the sample we had an average score of 66% hip mobility, interestingly the results showed that the average across each age group was between 64.7 (under 20) as the lowest to the highest 67.5 (over 50s). This result corresponds with the recent screening of the NSW Performance Squad (aged 15 -19 years) by Precision Athletica. "Despite the young age of the group and that all were following a flexibility and strength program, we had some surprising results, 75% of the squad were in the substantial deficit category, with common restrictions in the hips and feet, " said Pete. "Deficits of this level greatly impact on a athletes ability to perform, so many athletes need to take some big steps back before they can move forward. Following assessment, Pete and his team designed programs for each athlete in the Squad, moving gradually from creating mobility in muscles and joints, then focus on stability, before the athlete finally moves onto performance.

As discussed by Triathlon Australia's National Talent Coach Keiran Barry in the latest Multisport Magazine "one of the key elements of all high performance tri programs is the use of individualised prehab flexibility and strength programs". 

See Pete and his team this Sunday at  Race 2 of The Triathlon Series to get your free hip mobility test and to do your bit for research impacting our sport. TNSW are also entitled to 50% off an initial full evaluation and report. For more information see the website.


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