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Top 10 Reasons for renewing your Triathlon Australia / Triathlon NSW / Local Club Membership

Top 10 Reasons for renewing your Triathlon Australia / Triathlon NSW / Local Club Membership:

With the end of membership season fast approaching Triathlon NSW has outlined the top 10 reasons for you to renew your membership and rejoin us in season 2019 / 2020!

1. Triathlon NSW Affiliated Clubs are awesome and offer priceless benefits.

Clubs are the heart beat of the sport, the centre of everything we do as an organisation, and for most of our wonderful members, the main reason to renew your membership. Clubs run local races, trainings sessions, social events and are a great way to find like minded individuals who love everything about running, biking and swimming! 

To see our full list of clubs – CLICK HERE.

2. Triathlon NSW Club Champs will return to Forster in 2020

The biggest party of 2020 will see the hotly anticipated Triathlon NSW Club Champs return to the much loved Forster, scheduled for May 23 2020. This is the one event annually where having an annual membership of Triathlon NSW is compulsory and the shift to Forster will see a renewed excitement for this much loved event. Don’t delay, take your membership out now and put the date in your diary with a massive red circle around it, to ensure you don’t forget and book something nowhere near as fun for that weekend.  

For more info CLICK HERE.

3. Earn participation and performance points in your NSW interclub Series.

The newly revised NSW Interclub Series will see clubs competing throughout NSW, against other clubs either in their region or in their league. The revised format in Sydney has seen all clubs broken into three divisions, with a European football style promotion / relegation concept introduced, thanks to the influence of our English football loving Operations Manager, Chris C. 

The New England region will run again, with a few more races thrown in, as well North Coast, South Coast, Hunter Interclub and Central West. 

They will also include the MVP – Most Valuable Performer’ tally’s again, which is set to grow in prestige and popularity over time.  

To earn participation and performance points, you must be an annual member! 

For more info on this series check out the website - http://nswtriathlonclubseries.com/

 4. Triathlon NSW Individual State Championships Events. 

Triathlon NSW will once again be conducting a series of Individual NSW State Championships events, which is the ideal place to etch your name in eternal glory as the NSW Individual Champion across a set distance. 

Confirmed events is the Berry Duathlon Sprint Distance (click here) and the Sprint Distance event at the TNSW Kurnell February race (click here). 

A Standard Distance, Aquathon and Long Course event will be announced in late June, meaning there are now five events for you to compete and win! 

5. Save on One Day Licenses

Based on internal research and industry averages, Triathlon NSW members race at three commercial / club events each season. Being a member of Triathlon NSW / Australia will save you $55 per season, on having to purchase those pesky One Day License fees.

 6. Wear the Green and Gold

Last year approximately 600 New South Welshman earned the right to represent Australia across various ITU events.  

Triathlon Australia take teams overseas each year to the Standard, Sprint, Long distance, Duathlon, Aquathlon, Cross Triathlon and Paratriathlon World Championships, with athletes of all ages from 16yrs to 80yrs+!

You must be a member of Triathlon Australia to earn points across the WQE qualifying process.

For more info: http://www.triathlon.org.au/Age_Group/2020_Australian_Age_Group_Team.htm

7. Piece of mind that comes with coverage under Triathlon Australia’s insurance scheme

It’s often spoke about in cafes over hot drinks during training sessions. The value of taking out a Triathlon Australia membership vs not. But the vast majority of triathletes will think nothing of spending a few hundred dollars on an excellent helmet, to keep their head safe whilst training and racing on their bikes. And off course, this is not a bad thing! But whilst your helmet protects your head, your Triathlon Australia membership and insurance coverage actually protects your entire body, in case of an accident.  

Public liability and personal accident insurance cover while you are racing in sanctioned events and training for sanctioned events for the duration of your membership. 

For more info: http://www.triathlon.org.au/Membership/Insurance.htm

8. Receive Discounts on Virgin Blue Flights

Triathlon Australia (TA) is pleased to announce that we are partnering with Virgin Australia and CT Connections, and in doing so are able to offer a number of benefits to Triathlon Australia Members! 

The benefits include discounted domestic flights, international flights, access to lounge memberships and various options on extra baggage including getting your bike on flights. 

For more info – Click here.

9. Receive Discounts on Project Clothing.

Project Clothing creates technical garments for athletes and teams to enhance performance, comfort and confidence. There is an unparalleled commitment to integrating the best technologies available into race garments, so as to ensure optimum functionality for our athletes. 

TA Members will receive a 15% discount off general apparel merchandise.


10. Warm fuzzy feeling that you are supporting the sport you love!         

Triathlon NSW is a not-for-profit sporting organisation. Without your help we could not operate and provide the vital services that you deserve and expect in your local Triathlon events. 

Your membership contribution helps us to provide valuable resources towards our grass roots programs, technical officials, event sanctioning, coaching and insurance for you, volunteers and officials. All this with the assurance that your annual membership fee is contributing to the growth and development of the sport of triathlon in Australia.

To find out exactly what we have been up to, read this story!

Easy guide on how to renew your membership! 

Given you have read this far through this article, we thought now would the right time to make the process of renewal a bit easier. Thus we have created a Membership Renewal Guide to simplify the key dates and actions. 

Key Dates: 

MAY 31: Existing members can log into the ACTIVE member portal to update their details, such as updating your credit card information and address, or to turn your automatic renewal on or off.

JUNE 1: New members can sign up for the 2019/2020 season, meaning you can have up to a 13-month membership that will expire on June 30, 2020.

JUNE 17: Existing members can manually renew their membership ahead of time for the 2019/2020 season.

JULY 1: The 2019/2020 membership season commences, and automatic renewals take place. For those with automatic renewal turned on, please ensure your credit card details are up to date and you have sufficient funds on your card to avoid a failed payment. Update these via the ACTIVE member portal.

*Please note, your 2019/2020 digital membership card will be emailed to you on July 23rd, 2019.

If you need help with your membership renewal, please call (02) 8488 6200 or email info@triathlon.org.au


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