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TriShave Online Shop for Race / Training Gear


Team TriShave was launched two years ago with the Team’s ambassadors, long time TriShave supporters and triathlon legends: Matty Harris, Tommy Morwood, Angie Macken, Debbie Henniker, Mark (Emmo) Emerton, Mick Maroney, Eleanor Dally and Sam Dally, all of whom personify the #inspiredtobemore lifestyle and proudly wear the Team TriShave race gear.

The TriShave training gear was designed by Tinelli and the Team TriShave Ambassadors. It combines high quality fabrics, great fit, eye catching colours and the distinct slim line TriShave look.

Due to TriShave returning as a sponsor of Triathlon NSW in 2017-18, they have decided to open up the Team TriShave shop to all Triathlon NSW members.

The benefit is 20-30% discount on Tineli’s custom price, top quality gear to look and feel good when racing, plus loads of encouragement and being a part of a supportive group who are #inspiredtobemore and experience no shaving rash whatsoever.

This is a first release and will be delivered in time for Christmas on December 20, 2017. 

CLICK HERE to order any of the items on offer. 

If you have any questions, please contact Larisa Alexander on info@trishave.com.au 

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