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Tri Club Member Feature: Darren Adams, Clarence Valley

Meet Darren Adams from Clarence Valley Triathlon Club

Darren Adams is an incredible passionate and proactive member of the Clarence Valley sport and business community. We sat down with Darren to have a chat with him about the sport of triathlon and Clarence Valley Triathlon Club and community. Darren is among the great people making strong and positive impacts on the sport of triathlon in NSW

Being a member of a triathlon club and Triathlon Club has so many benefits and perks! Read on and be inspired to TRI in a club and in NSW!

Yamba Triathlon is the next start line goal up next for Clarence Valley Triathlon Club, as part of the NSW | North Coast Interclub Series! Find out more.

Why triathlon? Why encourage people to get into the swim, bike and run phenomenon?
I think a lot of people are looking for something different than your usual team sports and triathlon
offers three sports in one.

What inspired you into the sport?
My brother Jarrad was heavily involved and seeing him competing and travelling around Australia
and the world got me interested.

How did club start and how long it’s been established for?
The club started in Grafton during the 80's where they used to swim in the Clarence River. After a few years more people from up the river got involved and they moved to Yamba. There is still a few going around from back than more than 30 years in the sport.

What does the club structure look like each week?
We have around 30 members on average turn up to club events every fortnight run out of the local
pool. It's a handicap system which works in the pool and sees athletes cross the line close
together. The juniors start a bit behind but end up running with the adults which is great motivation
for them.

What are the local facilities and setting like where you train?
It doesn't get much better with great running trails through national parks, empty roads through cane fields and scenic beach drops. Than there's the swimming pretty much all year round with a pool, river or 7 beaches to choose from.

What is it like to travel to events together and represent?
We are a family orientated club and could get up to 30 plus members having a great weekend away at destinations like Kingscliff, Coffs, Trial bay and Mooloolaba for example.

Yamba and surrounds is a very active community, how supportive is the local area of the sport of

Unlike a few places I know where there is always some negativity Yambas community is 100%
behind it and that's helps run the major Yamba Triathlon festival now in its fourth year. In fact the
volunteers are the first to fill up.

You have a training group who also works into the club training structure – how successful is this?
I'm very proud and excited for my Swiftmultisport squad in Yamba. We had 9 out of 9 athletes qualify for the World Champs on the Gold Coast. So between our club events and squad training it
all works well.

How excited is the club for the season ahead, especially with the all-new NSW Interclub Series?
We are very excited about this season with the new Ballina Tri just up the road before worlds and
than the Yamba Tri and Kingscliff. We are blessed with such great venues to race at up along the North Coast and Tri NSW are doing are great job in supporting the clubs and event organisers.

Your personal career highlights and why?
I was airlifted to hospital a few years ago and underwent emergency heart surgery so every event is a highlight to me and a few podiums along the way are nice.

How involved is your family in the sport?
We are pretty full on with the Swiftmultisport squads both here and Brisbane. My son Jay is in the
NSW development squad and my wife Collette has been the junior coordinator for the club for the
past 12 years and does a few triathlons herself so she is very supportive.

You had 13 members of the club who qualified for the World Triathlon Championships on the Gold Coast in September 2018, what an achievement across the club. What do you put the success down to?
I think it comes back to having such a great environment to train in and regular club events and support within the club. It also helps when you have long time ambassadors of the sport like the Elvery's and the mighty Ray Hunt who is still going strong well into his 70's. 

Finally, how important is a junior pathway program for your club personally and how do you support juniors in the sport of triathlon?
Being a small club it's important to keep the juniors coming through to survive and have that family base. We were the only club running juniors on the North Coast for years and keeping it fun was the key. There's more clubs getting involved now which is great and TriNSW are doing a great job with more skill based clinics and resources.

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