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Triathlon NSW announces selection policy and criteria for 2017/18 Development Pathway


Triathlon NSW is pleased to release our selection policy and criteria for our Development Pathway for the 2017/18 season.

CLICK HERE for the Selection Policy.

CLICK HERE for the Development Pathway Selection Summary.

CLICK HERE to register for the 2017/18 Development Pathway.

Our Pathway structure has not changed from last season. The selection policy allows an opportunity for kids who are later developers physically, or less highly trained, but possess some superior technical, tactical and psychological characteristics that are complimentary to our sport to be selected.

We will continue with a skills based program were we will encourage our Youth aged athletes to 'do Triathlon, not be Triathletes'. We want to encourage kids into the sport, but are hesitant for them to specialise too early. There are many advantages for kids investing in team sports and other sports that promote non-linear movement patterns. Throwing, catching, kicking and passing, hand-eye co-ordination, team play and tactics.

Our Emerging Talent Squad will combine Camp based development opportunities with the clinics, exposing the athletes to the demands of travel, self management, problem solving and being adaptable. Life on the road as a professional athlete often looks glamorous on Instagram, but there are plenty of life skills that go behind maintaining a healthy mind and body and still produce performances on race day. These camps are designed to expose and equip our athletes to this. Of course, education remains the top priority and we support our athletes through the balance of the HSC and sport.

We will again see our U23 Development Program grow this season, after a successful first year within the Pathway in 2016/17. We have seen athletes saved from a premature long course career to continue their growth and development in short course racing whilst adapting to life post school and into University. We supported athletes racing their first Continental Cup events, which in itself is often a huge jump from Juniors and we continue to work with Talent Transfer athletes in establishing them with local daily training environments to ensure they have daily coaching and skill development opportunities.

We would encourage anyone to apply for the program that is age eligible. The camp, clinic and race obligations are not compulsory but of course highly encouraged. We need to cater for athletes remotely located and of course, camps, clinics and races are neither easy to get to nor cheap when you add up the annual financial investment, we recognise this and need to provide a program that caters for these challenges.

We will continue to offer a program that provides the skill competencies required to develop, and continue to do so consistent with the direction of the National Pathway.

It will be another exiting season, both introducing new emerging talent to our great sport and obviously continuing the investment and development of our current crop of exciting Talent that exists within the State.

Additionally, we look forward to working with the network of home coaches who are the backbone behind the development of many of these athletes, and continue to direct athletes into these environments where appropriate. 

Athlete and Coach Pathway Manager,

Mick Delamotte


CLICK HERE to register for the 2017/18 Development Pathway.


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