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Triathlon NSW welcomes its two newest life members.

At the recently conducted Triathlon NSW AGM, two new life members were unanimously endorsed by the voting delegates.  They join our current 6 life members, a list which features some of the biggest names in the sport of triathlon.  

Current Life members include: 

Steve RAY elected 2001
Peter BERNARD elected 2004
Greg WELCH  elected 2004
Garry CLARKE  elected 2007
Craig ALEXANDER  elected
2009 John SMITH  elected 2009

Michellie Jones 

We welcome Michellie Jones as the seventh life member of Triathlon NSW. 

She is a bona fide hero of Triathlon competition and since her first triathlon back in the 1980s Michellie has been an inspiration to many. Her career has extended more than 30 years and her outstanding success across all distances has meant she is recognised in the International Triathlon Union, Triathlon Australia & Sport Australia Halls of Fame. 

Her professional career speaks to the quality of athlete she was. It includes:

  • 1992 and 1993 ITU World Champion
  • 1996 XTERRA World Champion
  • 1998 ITU (overall) World Cup winner
  • 2000 ITU (overall) World Cup winner
  • 2006 Ironman World Champion

Alongside countless individual race victories on the World Cup circuit and domestically, Michellie also stood on multiple World Cup podia. 

Since retiring from professional competition Michellie has become an accomplished coach, primarily where she resides in California but also in Australia. She has coached World Champion age-group athletes, elite Para triathletes and athletes of all ages and abilities. 

Michellie has been heavily involved with the Australian Para-Triathlon programme where she was both guide and mentor for Katie Kelly. Together the Jones/Kelly combination won the World Championship in 2015 and 2017. In 2016 became the Inaugural Paralympic Champions in the Women’s PTVI Triathlon. Asked about that Paralympic win, Jones said “To me this is the best thing that I’ve ever done,” ranking above her personal Olympic success. 

As well as her commitments to Paratriathlon competition in recent years, Michellie has twice been crowned the Age-Group Sprint Triathlon World Champion in the Women’s 45-49 division (2014 & 2017). Michellie’s participation in those events has gone beyond just attending as she has been a great team member, encouraging others on course and happily waiting in the recovery area for long periods of time to allow post-race photos to be taken with her! 

Given Triathlon NSW already ranks Greg Welch and Craig Alexander amongst its life members it’s only fitting that an athlete of Michellie Jones’ calibre should join such illustrious company.

 When advised of her successful endorsement as Life Member of Triathlon NSW, Michellie said ‘It is very fitting that Tri NSW nominated me for a Life Membership not only did I do my first race at a sanctioned NSW event I spent a considerable amount of time in NSW training during my career.

Michellie went on to thank everyone for the hindsight in bestowing her with Life Membership and Thanks Tri NSW for supporting her nomination.

Stephen Tudjman 

Stephen was instrumental in establishing Triathlon NSW as we know it today and contributed large amounts of his time to Triathlon NSW transforming both its business and governance models.

He was initially the Legal Adviser to the Board from 2000. He was appointed as a Board member in May of 2002 and in August of 2003 became the President of Triathlon NSW. He remained the President of TNSW until he retired from the role 8 years later in August 2011. 

Some of Stephens highlights include: 

  • Writing the Triathlon NSW Constitution,
  • Restructuring how the TNSW Board were elected whereby affiliated Clubs (instead of individual members) assumed the primary responsibility and accountability for electing the members of the TNSW Board based on director competence standards,
  • Working with TA, other STTA’s, the NSW Department of Sport and the Australian Sports Commission to affect this transformation across Triathlon in Australia,
  • Successfully lobbied the Police Minister, whilst working with the Police and RTA, to allow cycling and triathlon events to be conducted on open and closed roads and created a documented process that sits alongside the TA Event Sanctioning process. This followed a decision in 2003 by NSW Police to withhold permission for cycling and triathlon events to take place unless roads were completely shut to the public,
  • Represented TNSW in an investigation by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) about whether TNSW breached the law by introducing compulsory membership,
  • Undertook a strategic management review and made multiple recommendations involving TA and the STTA’s to address various functional responsibilities within the sport including strategic planning, marketing and communication, junior development, finance and insurance, technical, events and membership services.

Stephen Tudjman transformed TNSW and left a legacy whereby TNSW’s relationship with all key stakeholders was at a much better level and our governance, strategic and operational arrangements were of a standard that is expected for Australian sporting organisations. 

Steve Tudjman stated 'It is humbling to have been conferred with this honour and to be recognised alongside some of our best Triathletes and volunteers who have all contributed to make our sport unique and special. I want to acknowledge all the other wonderful volunteers (living and departed) who have given their time and energy to make a difference to our beloved sport - thank you for the part that each of you have played. To my fellow triathletes - continued to train and race hard and stay safe.  

We welcome Stephen as the eight life member of Triathlon NSW.


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