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What happened to Kurnell?


2016-17 The Triathlon Series

Since the 2016-17 Triathlon Series was announced last week, some Triathlon NSW members have expressed concern about the longevity of the long standing Kurnell event, with only two events listed this season (4th December and 2nd April) to make up the five event Series.

Triathlon NSW and 100% Events are working closely with the local community and council to ensure that we preserve the longevity of the beloved Kurnell triathlons. There are a number of reasons for the change in the format of the Triathlon Series this year as outlined below:

Since Triathlon NSW events at Kurnell started in the early 1990’s, the coastal village where Captain James Cook landed in 1770 has become a much more desirable area to live. With the closure of the oil refinery in 2014 there has been a rapid rise in residential housing, and with that a greater desire from the community to scrutinise events which may impact on them and the village.

We believe that our event participants respect the area, and we are working closely with local stakeholders to ensure appropriate measures are put in place to achieve the best possible outcome for the community, and for the participants who look forward to the friendly vibe of the Kurnell events. It is important that we minimise our footprint whilst we sensitively demonstrate the many positive impacts that triathlon events can have on the community.

The rising costs associated with the production of the event within the National Park, and residential pressure, have increased costs significantly across traffic management and venue hosting fees. 

The cost of producing three or four non sold-out events at Kurnell unfortunately is not practical. We do not want to raise entry fees to cover costs, which means it is vital to get more people to each event. Therefore, this year we have had to take the step of reducing events at the venue. We are also working on a new course that will reduce the costs of production. This takes time as we work with council and the local community to get approvals signed off.

Get behind the Kurnell events! With combined support from you - the triathlon community- we will be able to look toward once again extending the series at Kurnell, and ensuring the tradition remains strong.

Entries at http://www.thetriathlonseries.com.au/

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