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What is the recipe to create the Ultimate Athlete?


What is the recipe to create the ultimate athlete? Precision Athletica's Performance Pyramid has all the ingredients!


At Precision Athletica, we have extremely qualified professionals each doing their bit to work with athletes and help achieve their performance goals, explains Jason Oei, Accredited Senior Exercise Physiologist.

We have our Physiotherapist who works with athletes to regain mobility and on flexibility issues.

Our Strength and Conditioning coach works on creating and improving sport specific performance traits such as strength, power, agility and endurance.

My job as Exercise Physiologist, the exercise professional, is to eradicate any movement dysfunctions or weaknesses that an athlete might have which will severely impact their ability to perform. This is done through focusing on bio mechanics, movement patterns and joint stability. Exercise Physiologists bridge the gap between physios and Strength and Conditioning coaches.

Our Performance Pyramid outlines exactly how we progress our athletes and what therapist they will be working with.

As you can see, MOBILITY comes first, CONTROL second and PERFORMANCE is third. This means all our athletes start with our physio, progress to our Exercise Physiologists, which will then allow them to transition safely to our Strength and Conditioning coach. This is the recipe to create the ultimate athlete.

At Precision Athletica, we believe there is not one sports professional that can do it all. Instead it’s multiple professionals working closely together with the athlete to achieve goals.

How to contact Precision Athletica:

Phone:029764 5787

Email: olympicpark@precisionathletica.com.au


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