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Start a new Triathlon Club

Establishing a New Club

Triathlon NSW requires all Clubs to become incorporated. The Associations Incorporation Act 1984 provides small non-profit community based groups with an easier and relatively inexpensive means of establishing a legal entity rather than forming a co-operative or a company.

Incorporation creates a legal entity that is separate to the individual members. Members of unincorporated bodies face the possibility of being sued as individuals. Incorporation provides a certain amount of limited liability for members, as long as they follow accepted business and community standards.

For further information and steps on incorporating an association please review the NSW Office of Fair Trading website by clicking here.

You will need to Affiliate with Triathlon NSW through the Active Works Endurance Page which Triathlon NSW will provide. Contact the office for more information.

Once Affiliated, your participants need to become members of Triathlon Australia and NSW. This occurs by following this link: online membership form.

For further information, please call Triathlon NSW office on 8488 6250.


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