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Start a new Triathlon Club


Establishing a New Club

A practical guide to help you effectively establish a new Triathlon Club.

Triathlon NSW requires all Clubs to become incorporated. The Associations Incorporation Act 1984 provides small non-profit community based groups with an easier and relatively inexpensive means of establishing a legal entity rather than forming a co-operative or a company.

Incorporation creates a legal entity that is separate to the individual members. Members of unincorporated bodies face the possibility of being sued as individuals. Incorporation provides a certain amount of limited liability for members, as long as they follow accepted business and community standards.

More information can be attained from the NSW Office of Fair Trading website by clicking here

Steps to follow to start a New Club

All steps need to be completed but apart from Step 1, it doesn’t really matter exactly what order. This is a fairly logical order.

Step 1. 
Before you start all this you need to have a meeting with the potential committee members/interested parties. Choose a committee and at your first meeting to decide club name, membership fee structure, club logo/uniforms/training schedule etc. If you need ideas about running your club, the Dept. of Sport and Rec has some useful links on this page.

Step 2. 
You will need to open a bank account. To start, members may need to donate funds or obtain a sponsor to get the club started.

Step 3. 
You will need to incorporate your club. Read here for the steps to Incorporate an Association

Step 4. 
You need to ‘Register a Club Name’ by filling out Form A1. This has a fee of $47 (payable to Fair Trading).

Step 5. 
Complete Form A2 – Register an Incorporated Association. This costs $124 (Payable to Fair Trading). Both of these forms need to be printed, hand written and posted to Registry Services in Bathurst or taken into a Fair Trading Centre.

Step 6. 
Adapt the Dept of Sport and Rec’s model constitution to suit your club (a triathlon specific model constitution is being developed). See here for the word version of the model constitution.

Step 7. 
Affiliate with Triathlon NSW (free for the first year, costs depends on member numbers in future years). Click here for the Guidelines. The new 2015/16 Affiliation Form will be available in May.

Step 8. 
Your club will be added to the Triathlon Australia online membership form so that new members can join your club for the 2015/16 season and Triathlon Australia/NSW. We will contact you after you affiliate to get all the necessary information.

At the end of your first year (within 6 months of the year ending) you need to have an Annual General Meeting and complete Form A12 and send it in to your local Fair Trading office with a $53 fee (if sent 1 month after AGM).  

For further information, please call Triathlon NSW office on 8488 6250.


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