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The return of the toughest Triathlon in Queensland

The return of toughest Triathlon in Queensland saw over 250 athletes vying for the Queensland Long Course State Championships and Nissan State Series Points. Top performing Queensland athletes
6 Steps To Return to Training Load

    To set a goal, an individual must consider what they want to achieve, and then commit to it. Goals must be smart (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant
Is low carb for me?

Low-carb, high-fat – aka keto or fat adapting. You’ve mostly likely heard about it, trialled it yourself, or know some who has. It’s practically the new “cooler” version of
Peeling back banana bars

  Most South-East Queensland cyclists would recognise those distinct yellow structures on bikeways and shared paths. They go by different names, including bicycle deflections rails and terminal restrictor

2018 Super Sprint Race Weekend RACE Schedule

Please note: The schedule is due to change regularly due to the nature of the event, weather forecasts and athlete withdrawals, so please ensure you are onsite at least one hour before your scheduled race time. Double check the schedule provided at the venue each day to ensure you do not miss your race.

Draft schedule as at 14 December 2018, all details subject to change. Please be ready for your race start at least 30mins ahead of your scheduled time. 


Saturday - updated - likely to change due to forecast weather.. check back regularly

6:15am-7:00am Bike Inspection 
6:15am-7:00am Transition Check In - All 
7:00am MTR Briefing Junior 300/6/1.2
7:05am Junior #1 (mixed teams)
8:35am Junior #2 (male teams)
8:55am MTR Briefing Youth A 200/4/800 & Youth B 200/4/800
9.00am Youth A #1 (mixed teams)
10.10am Youth A #2 (mixed teams)
11.20am Youth B (mixed teams) 
12:00pm Transition access - once final MTR start clears transition  
12:40pm  Race Briefing - Junior - Hyper Sprint Triathlon - 200m / 4km / 800m 
12:45pm Junior Female #1
1:00pm   Junior Female #2   
1:30pm Junior Male #1  
1:45pm Junior Male #2  
2:00pm Junior Male #3   
  Youth B FINALS - Ultra Sprint Triathlon - 300m / 6km / 1.2km 
2:25pm Race Briefing -- All Youth B Finals 
2:30pm Youth B Male B FINAL 
2:55pm Youth B Female A FINAL 
3:20pm Youth B Male A FINAL 
3:45pm Youth A Female D Final 


6:00am-6:45am Transition Check In - All 
6:50am Race Briefing - GRAND FINALS - Youth A Final 300/6/1.2 & Junior Triathlon - 400m / 8km / 1.6km
7:00am Youth A Female C Final
7:25am Youth A Male C Final
7:50am Youth A Female B Final
8:15am Youth A Male B Final
8:40am Youth A Female A Final
9:05am Youth A Male A Final
9:30am   Junior Male C FINAL 
10:00am Junior Female B FINAL 
10:30am Junior Male B FINAL 
11:00am Junior Female A FINAL 
11:30am Junior Male A FINAL 
12.00pm Presentations