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Miller awarded inaugural Garth Prowd Scholarship

Jo Miller has capped off a sensational season being awarded the inaugural Garth Prowd Scholarship.  This newly created scholarship was awarded to Samuel Lewis, NSW and Jo Miller
Estate Planning: What about my Super?

  By Naomi de Costa In last month’s newsletter, we provided critical advice on creating a Will and nominating Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPOA) as a way to
Keep your training on track over the silly season

It’s not always easy to balance sticking to a training schedule while navigating the silly season.  We sat down with DGC/Tweed Coast Multisport’s Performance Coach (and athlete) Des
Queenslanders storm IM70.3 Western Sydney

Photo Credit: Delly Carr | Triathlon Australia This weekend's Ironman 70.3 Western Sydney - the Asia Pacific Championship, will see 14 Triathlon Queensland members start in the pro field.  Last year's winners,

2017 Super Sprint Race Weekend RACE Schedule

Please note: The schedule is due to change regularly due to the nature of the event, weather forecasts and athlete withdrawals, so please ensure you are onsite at least one hour before your scheduled race time. Double check the schedule provided at the venue each day to ensure you do not miss your race.


2:00pm-4:30pm Registration/Race Suit Check (no transition check in)
4:45pm Race Briefing - Run - All - 1.5km
5:00pm U23 Male
5:07pm Junior Female #1 / U23 Females
5:14pm Junior Female #2
5:21pm Junior Female #3
5:28pm Junior Male #1
5:35pm Junior Male #2
5:42pm Junior Male #3
5:49pm Youth A Female #1
5:56pm Youth A Female #2
6:03pm Youth A Female #3
6:10pm Youth A Male #1
6:17pm Youth A Male #2
6:24pm Youth A Male #3
6:31pm Youth B Female #1
6:38pm Youth B Female #2
6:45pm Youth B Male #1
6:52pm Youth B Male #2


6:15am-7:00am Bike Inspection
6:15am-7:00am Transition Check In - All
7:20am Race Briefing - Criterium - U23 & Junior - 6km
7:30am U23 Male
7:45am Junior Female #1 / U23 Females
8:00am Junior Female #2
8:15am Junior Female #3
8:30am Junior Male #1
8:45am Junior Male #2
9:00am Junior Male #3
9:20am Race Briefing - Criterium - Youth A & B - 4km
9:30am Youth A Female #1
9:43am Youth A Female #2
9:56am Youth A Female #3
10:09am Youth A Male #1
10:22am Youth A Male #2
10:35am Youth A Male #3
10:48am Youth B Female #1
11:01am Youth B Female #2
11:14am Youth B Male #1
11:27am Youth B Male #2
11:35am Race Briefing - U23 & Junior - Hyper Sprint Triathlon - 200m / 4km / 1.2km
11:45am U23 Male
12:05pm Junior Female #1 / U23 Female
12:25pm Junior Female #2
12:45pm Junior Female #3
1:05pm Junior Male #1
1:25pm Junior Male #2
1:45pm Junior Male #3
2:20pm Race Briefing - Aquathlon - Youth B - 200m / 1.2km run
2:30pm Youth B Female #1
2:45pm Youth B Female #2
3:00pm Youth B Male #1
3:15pm Youth B Male #2
3:30pm Race Briefing - Aquathlon - U23, Junior, Youth A - 400m / 1.2km
3:40pm Youth A Female #1
3:55pm Youth A Female #2
4:10pm Youth A Female #3
4:25pm Youth A Male #1
4:40pm Youth A Male #2
4:55pm Youth A Male #3
5:10pm Junior Female #1 / U23 Female
5:25pm Junior Female #2
5:50pm Junior Female #3
6:05pm Junior Male #1
6:15pm Junior Male #2
6:30pm Junior Male #3
6:45pm U23 Male


6:00am-6:45am Transition Check In - All
6:50am Race Briefing - All - Triathlons

Youth A & B - Hyper Sprint - 200m / 4km / 1.2km
7:00am Youth A Female #1
7:20am Youth A Female #2
7:40am Youth A Female #3
8:05am Youth A Male #1
8:30am Youth A Male #2
8:55am Youth A Male #3
9:20am Youth B Female #1
9:45am Youth B Female #2
10:10am Youth B Male #1
10:40am Youth B Male #2

U23 & Junior - Ultra Sprint Triathlon - 300m / 6km / 1.6km
11:00am U23 Male
11:30am Junior Female #1 / U23 Female
12:00pm Junior Female #2
12:30pm Junior Female #3
1:00pm Junior Male #1
1:30pm Junior Male #2
2:00pm Junior Male #3

Youth A & B FINALS - Ultra Sprint Triathlon - 300m / 6km / 1.6km
3:10pm Youth A Female C FINAL
3:25pm Youth A Male C FINAL
3:40pm Youth A Female B FINAL
3:55pm Youth A Male B FINAL
4:10pm Youth B Female B FINAL
4:25pm Youth B Male B FINAL
4:40pm Youth A Female A FINAL
4:55pm Youth A Male A FINAL
5:10pm Youth B Female A FINAL
5:25pm Youth B Male A FINAL
6:00pm  Youth A & B PRESENTATIONS


6:00am-6:45am Transition Open
6:50am Race Briefing - GRAND FINALS - Super Sprint Triathlon - 400m / 8km / 2.4km
7:00am Junior Female C Final
7:30am Junior Male C FINAL
8:00am Junior Female B FINAL & U23 Female FINAL
8:30am Junior Male B FINAL
9:00am Junior Female A FINAL
9:30am Junior Male A FINAL
10:00am U23 Male FINAL
10:30am Race Briefing - ALL - Mixed Team Relay - 200m / 6km / 800m
10:40am Youth B
11:40am Youth A #3 
12:40pm Youth A #1 & Youth A #2
1:40pm Junior #1 & Junior #2
2:40pm U23 & Mixed Teams
3:45pm U23 & Junior PRESENTATIONS


Subject to change - current at 1.00pm 11/10/17