• Sally Ham has been immersed in the world of triathlon for over 17 years and makes a huge contribution to the sport each year by volunteering as a Technical Officer. Based out of the Bayside Club in Victoria, in March of this year Sally was awarded the inaugural Rob George Award, recognised for her ongoing commitment as a volunteer official.  

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Becoming a Technical Official




If you are a supporter of triathlon, wish to give back to the sport you love or want something to do while not competing, why not become a Triathlon Australia Technical Official?

Technical Officials are responsible ensuring that an event is run in accordance with the Triathlon Australia (TA) Race Competition Rules (RCR).  Our aim as officials is to:

  • Create an atmosphere of sportsmanship, equality and fair play;
  • Optimise safety and protection;
  • Penalise competitors who seek to  gain an unfair advantage; and
  • Emphasise ingenuity and skill without unduly limiting the competitor's freedom of action.


Reasons to become a Technical Official

  • Gain a better understanding of the TA RCR;
  • A chance to give back to the sport and help to develop it;
  • Gain an insight into what is involved in conducting a triathlon event thus giving you a greater appreciation for marshals and officials at future events making you a better competitor.


Benefits of becoming a Technical Official   

  • Free education and training
  • Free non-competitive membership discounts off competitive membership (if officiated at 3 events in the season prior)
  • Fee for service payment –please contact your State Association for details


What to do now?


We look forward to hearing from you and seeing at our next course.

For more information, please contact:

National Manager Technical
Triathlon Australia


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