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Triathlon Australia Anti-Doping Policy

Triathlon Australia Anti-Doping Policy

Did you know as a Triathlon Australia member you are subject to the Triathlon Australia Anti-Doping Policy?

Triathlon Australia aims to enable our elite athletes, age group athletes and all race participants to compete in a sport which is free of performance enhancing substances and methods. Did you know as a Triathlon Australia annual member that you are subject to the Triathlon Australia Anti-Doping Policy. 

Triathlon Australia urges all members to read the Triathlon Australia Anti-Doping Policy. The Anti-Doping Policy can be found on the Triathlon Australia website under the membership tab or through this link.

As a Triathlon Australia annual member you can be tested for performance enhancing substances out of competition and also in competition. Did you know Triathlon Australia in partnership with ASADA tests age group athletes at a number of domestic races each year. In 2019 Triathlon Australia drug tested athletes during the Standard Distance Triathlon National Age Group Championships in Mooloolaba and also at the Sprint Distance Triathlon Age Group Championships on the Gold Coast. This event testing occurs each year and performance enhancing in competition testing changes locations each year.

You have been selected as an age group athlete for a drug test (sample collection) at a domestic race in Australia do you know what will happen next?

Sample collection (also known as doping control or drug testing) is an essential part of promoting and protecting doping-free sport. It is the process to detect and/or deter the use of a prohibited substance, or prohibited method, by an athlete.

ASADA has produced a fantastic resource which is designed to help athletes understand what will happen during and after a testing session and your rights and responsibilities in relation to testing. Please read this information carefully so you know what will happen if you are selected for a drug test: Anti Doping Testing Guide.

As an athlete it is 100% your responsibility to check the status of any medication or substance prior to use. Do you need to check any substances you may be taking?

ASADA have a fantastic tool on their website where athletes can check a medication or substance prior to use. Triathlon Australia urges all athletes to check any medication or substances you may be on immediately.

ASADA Online Education Programs

ASADA have some fantastic online anti-doping education programs to assist all athletes to understand the anti-doping area in finer detail. Triathlon Australia suggests athletes complete the level one and level two online education courses. 

The ASADA online education courses can be found through this link

ASADA e-Learning Fact Sheet - This fact sheet provides excellent information including what is the e-Learning course, how to log into the e-Learning course, what is in the course and some facts and questions to assist you.