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Development Coach Training Program

Development Coach Training Program

The Development Coach accreditation is the second stage of the Triathlon Australia National Coaching Framework and is designed as coach development for those interested in delivering skill focused triathlon coaching programs.

The Development Coach Training Program was fully updated for 2019; this includes all new online resources, practical coaching and assessment and more engaging face to face workshop delivery. During the program you will plan, deliver and evaluate skill focused triathlon coaching sessions with the support of mentor coaches.


The Development Coach Training Program been specifically designed to provide a supporting and engaging environment for developing competent group/squad triathlon coaches, to equip coaches with the necessary skills and resources to provide unsupervised safe, ethical and effective triathlon coaching.

A Development Coach is continuing to build their coaching experience and have triathlon skill development specific knowledge. They will be working in a triathlon specific coaching practice [club and/or squad] in a lead coaching role.

This program focuses on producing a competent club/squad coach who can promote the benefits of participating in triathlon and develop appropriate skill acquisition through quality coaching of recreational triathletes from grass roots level upwards.

The Development Coach Training Program prepares coaches to independently develop, plan, deliver and evaluate skill focused triathlon coaching programs designed for tri athletes with a mix of ages and/or skill levels participating in a club/squad-based training environment.

The Development Coach Training Program utilises a blended delivery strategy will be employing the Flipped Classroom approach in a balance of online learning, face to face learning sessions and practical coaching over a period of 3-6 months consisting of:

The face to face workshop component consisting of 4 days [2 x 2 days] delivered including
planning, delivery and evaluation and personal review of practical coaching with the support of mentor coaches.

The Knowledge Hub online component of the program consists of 40-60 hours of self directed, independent study which includes:
Pre-learning work for each 2 day workshop.
Session planning and delivery of 6-10 coaching sessions in club/squad environment to be conducted between the face to face workshops.
Review of online Knowledge Hub learning resources and completion of included assessment tasks.

What will I Learn?

We have moved a significant portion of the ‘knowledge content” to the Knowledge Hub modules and the face to face component will focus on practical and scenario based practical coaching activities.
Planning and delivering engaging and effective triathlon coaching sessions.
Understanding and analysing athletes.
Planning, delivering and evaluating skill focused triathlon coaching programs.
Coaching safely across a range of environments, including open water.
How to work with range of triathlete ages, abilities and aspirations.

The Development Coach Training Program is supported by an online resource, which contains all the information required to complete the program and develop your own coaching knowledge and skills.

General Entry Requirements

Development Coach Training Program – Specific Requirements 
Be at least 18 years of age.
Hold a current Triathlon Australia Foundation or Club & Community* Coach accreditation for a period of 6 months.
All participating coaches must hold a current Triathlon Australia coach membership. This is to provide you with appropriate insurance to cover you whilst completing the program.
Have access to a supervising Triathlon Australia accredited coach to oversee the practical assessment conducted between the face to face workshops.

Please Note:*Accredited Club & Community Coaches will be required to complete additional online modules as a pre-requisite prior to being accepted into the Development Coach Training Program

Workshops Attendance

Coaches must attend all days of the Development Coach Training Program Workshops; this is an essential requirement. Due to the way the workshops are organised, it is not possible to swap days around on different Development Coach Training Programs. Missed days may result in additional fees to complete the accreditation.

Computer Access

Have access to an internet connected device for the Knowledge Hub online resource. 

Development Coach Training Program - Completion Requirements 
Coaches will be registered for the qualification for a period of 12 months from the start of the program. However, most coaches complete in-line with the program duration.

If you are unsure if you meet any of these requirements, please contact to discuss.

On Completion

On successful completion of the Development Coach Training Program, coaches will be able to:
Engage and inspire people to continue their participation in triathlon.
Safely plan, deliver and review engaging, skill development and improvement sessions. 
Evaluate athletes development across a range of ages and abilities and in a range of environments.
independently plan, deliver and review linked and progressive skill development focused triathlon coaching sessions.
design, develop, implement, monitor and review individualised triathlon coaching programs appropriate to the needs of a recreational triathlete integrating the basic components of periodisation.
Safely deliver session across a range of unsupervised triathlon coaching environments.
Demonstrate best principle triathlon specific coaching skills, good practice in coaching, athlete safety and welfare, equitable and inclusive coaching practice, and working with others.

Development Coach Training Program Fees

The cost of the program is $695 [plus GST] which includes the online and practical assessment, all coaching resources, mentor coach support and the coach accreditation registration fee. 

Please note: If coaches miss any element of the program or assessment they may be required to pay an additional fee.

Contact to find out when the Development Coach Training Program will be offered in your state/territory.