Sport Integrity Australia

Sport Integrity Australia is a new organisation which was implemented by the Australia Government on the 1st of July 2020. Sport Integrity Australia has combined the functions of the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Agency, the National Integrity of Sport Unit and the nationally focused integrity functions of Sport Australia.

Led by David Sharpe APM OAM, Sport Integrity Australia is the cornerstone of the Government's comprehensive sport integrity strategy: Safeguarding the Integrity of Sport. Sport Integrity Australia was created to improve the integrity measures protecting Australian sport, the current functions of ASADA, NISU and the national integrity programs of Sport Australia will be combined to facilitate a single nationally coordinated organisation to address all sport integrity issues. All integrity functions which were performed by ASADA, NISU and Sport Australia now continue to take place under Sport Integrity Australia.

Sport Integrity Australia is Triathlon Australia's key integrity partner.

What does Sport Integrity Australia do? 

Sport Integrity Australia's remit is to provide advice and assistance to counter:

Use of prohibited substances and methods in sport
Abuse of children and other persons in a sporting environment
Manipulation of sporting competitions
Failure to protect members of sporting organisations and other persons in a sporting environment from bullying, intimidation, discrimination or harassment.

Sport Integrity Australia focuses on policy development, intelligence, investigations (primarily of doping cases), and education, outreach and capability building. The agency will continue to function as Australia's National Anti-Doping Organisation.

Integrity Areas which Sport Integrity Australia Cover Include:

Anti-Doping - Sport Integrity Australia is Australia's National Anti-Doping Organisation and are responsible for implementing an effective program consistent with international requirements and Australian legislation. 

Education - Sport Integrity Australia provides education resources about sport integrity for all levels of athletes, their parents, teachers, coaches and support personnel. Sport Integrity Australia currently provides education on the following areas anti-doping, match fixing, illicit drugs and ethical decision making. Triathlon Australia urges all Triathlon Australia members and participants to undertake this integrity education through Sport Integrity Australia.

Intelligence - Sport Integrity Australia provides insights into, and understanding of specific sport integrity issues gained from the analysis and assessment of available information.

Match Fixing - Sport Integrity Australia combat illegal activities such as match fixing by using a coordinated response. Sport Integrity Australia works with governments, sports, regulators, wagering service providers and law enforcement agencies.

Safeguarding - Sport Integrity Australia develop national policies, resources and education to ensure they are safeguarding sport in Australia.

Sports Wagering - Sport Integrity Australia work with sports, the sports wagering industry and state and territory regulators to provide clearer, more transparent, and consistent sports wagering regulation to, ultimately, protect Australian sport from sports wagering related threats.

Sport Integrity Australia Website:
 Sport Integrity Australia

Make an Integrity Complaint or Report a Concern to Sport Integrity Australia

If you have witnessed or have knowledge of a matter that raises concern or you think requires further consideration, you can help. Sport Integrity Australia provides an online form to report any sport integrity related matter that you feel threatens the integrity of Australia sport, teams or individuals. This can include:

1. Doping
2. Corruption
3. Fraud
4. Match-Fixing
5. Harassment (including sexual harassment)
6. Discrimination
7. Child Protection
8. Any other form of misconduct

Whether you are an athlete, support person, technical official, club administrator, volunteer or even a parent, you can help play an essential role in protecting Australian sport.

All information is important and the more detail you provide about the incident the better. Sport Integrity Australia strongly encourages you to include as much relevant information as you can as this will help determine the most appropriate course of action.

All information included in the Sport Integrity Australia form is transmitted via secure networks and processes. Sport Integrity Australia legislation ensures that all information, including any personal details which you may wish to provide, is treated as confidential and managed in accordance with strict privacy principles.

If there is an immediate threat to an individual's life, then contact your local law enforcement agency or dial phone number 000. Sport Integrity Australia is not equipped or able to assist in an emergency situation.

Sport Integrity Australia Raise a Concern Online Form: 
Confidential Sport Integrity Australia Raise a Concern Online Form

Sport Integrity Australia Raise a Concern Phone Number: Confidential Sport Integrity Australia Report a Concern - Phone Number 1300 027 232