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Crowie takes on Kurnell for Race 2


The teams from 100% Events and Triathlon NSW are excited to welcome “Craig “Crowie” Alexander to the Kurnell Sprint race on Sunday 17th January 2016!

5 x Triathlon World Champion , 3 x Ironman World Champion, 2 x Ironman 70.3 World Champion, Cronulla Triathlon Club member and past competitor in the early days of the Kurnell/Cronulla Triathlon events – Crowie has achieved incredible results in his career on the world Triathlon stage, and has been a fantastic ambassador for Australia and the sport.

In 2011, at 38 years of age, Crowie achieved what no other man in the history of Triathlon was able to: he won both the Half Ironman and Ironman World Championships in the same year. By winning his third Hawaiian Ironman World Championship he also claimed a new world record time and a new “King of Kona” was crowned.

Craig was humbled when Ironman legend and six-time World Champion Dave Scott lauded him as “The first true men’s champion the sport has seen in years.”

At the core of Crowie’s success and achievements is an appreciation index that’s thankful for every breath and a self-assured humility that has been forged in the foundry of bloody hard work. Crowie is known for his humble attitude and he combines this with a firm love for sport and the lifestyle it affords his family.

Crowie is also a tertiary qualified Physiotherapist, Media contributor, Professional Speaker, former bar tender, waiter, labourer and ‘net learner’. He’s an avid fan of many sports, including his first love of soccer, and he has a ‘Rain Man’ like ability to recall obscure statistics and famous plays.

The most important thing to Craig is family. He is beyond proud of his wife (and the love of his life) Nerida, and his three amazing kids, Lucy, Austin and Lani. Everything Craig does starts and ends at home with his family. Crowie’s won a lot of titles over the years but the one he likes best is ‘Daddy’.

‘Team Alexander’ is often referred to as the ‘first family of triathlon’ and they divide their time between their base in Cronulla, New South Wales, Australia, and their home-away-from-home in Boulder, Colorado.


For your chance to Race with Crowie, register for The Triathlon Series Race 2 on 17 January here.


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