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Q and A with CEO Adam Wicks


How proud are you to be appointed as the Executive Director of Triathlon NSW?

I'm incredibly proud to be joining an organisation with such a proud history; one that has created some true champions in the sport as well as one that improves the health and well-being of thousands annually. I'm excited to be working amongst some committed and enthusiastic staff and volunteers across this great state.

Can you please give an insight into your background in sports.

I grew up in Bondi Beach and have enjoyed ocean swimming and point to pointing across Bondi Bay my entire life. I played many years of squash and soccer at Cranbrook High School and am a qualified Soccer and Touch Football coach and referee.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Finance and Accounting from the University of Technology, Sydney, I studied a Masters of Sports Management and have worked in a number of sports since then including Touch Football, Gymnastics and now Triathlon.

What do you aim to achieve in the role? 

I aim to work hard and for the betterment of the sport, build strong and close relationships with Triathlon Australia and other stakeholders and ensure that every individual benefits from their affiliation to Triathlon NSW. I aim to achieve a growth of members in happy healthy clubs across NSW.

Why are you so passionate about your new role?

It is an amazing opportunity to work closely with key volunteers, stakeholders and staff to grow a sport built on positive values and healthy and well-being outcomes. I am driven and passionate about providing opportunities for new markets and individuals to get fit, healthy and active.

Having moved up from Sydney to Melbourne, will you be looking to join a triathlon club or partake in any event?

I am already registered into the Technical Official Course to be held at the Sydney International Regatta Centre, Penrith later this year and all signs are pointing to doing an entry level program with Can Too to 'dip my toes' into the world of Triathlon and joining a club.

What are your favourite sport teams?

The Mighty Manly Sea Eagles and Sydney FC.

Who is your favourite athlete of all time?

I have always been inspired by Pat Rafter for his commitment, dedication and work ethic. Lately though, Leyton Hewitt has been an inspiration as you can tell he loves wearing the green and gold and would have done anything to represent Australia at any level.



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