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Recover like a champion with Precision Athletica


Precision Athletica is Sydney's first top level institute of sport accessible to the public, based at Olympic Park Athletic Centre. Precision Athletica offers a new generation of physio for sports performance, giving clients access to the same level of practitioners and high performance training equipment that an elite athlete would have in preparing for their sport. As a supporter of Triathlon NSW, members receive a 25% discount on Precision Athletica's services.

Club Championships are finished and we know how much effort everyone put into their training in preparation and in their race in Orange.

With that in mind Head of S&C at Precision Athletica, Nils Hestermann, wanted to take the chance to remind everyone of the importance of proper recovery and to help give you a guide to elite level recovery methods, they have shared their 100 points plan with us:

100 point recovery plan - Precision Athletica jpg

Hestermann uses this plan with a number of athletes at the top of their sport, making the athletes take ownership for their recovery and report daily on how they have scored. 

The idea is to try and score 100 points every day - how you make your 100 points is up to you!

Don't forget that as a Triathlon NSW member you get a discount on every session you have at Precision Athletica, with services offered such as: sports physiotherapy, exercise physiology, strength and conditioning, nutrition, sports psychology, high performance training, recovery and many more.

How many points can you score today?



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