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Stuart Dangerfield's Pre-Race Bike Tips

Park Bikes is an award-winning, independent, family owned business located in the heart of Sydney Olympic Park. As an Official Supporter of Triathlon NSW, all members receive 10% off their products and services.

With over 30 years of experience, Stuart knows a thing or two about care, consistency & the process that is keeping a bike running well.

On the bike, he has represented Great Britain in five World Championships, four Commonwealth Games and at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. He has also been National Champion in Great Britain five times.

Stu is well know for being a methodical perfectionist when it comes to preparing his bike for an individual time trial, so we thought he’s be the perfect guy to share advice for all triathletes. We hope you enjoy.

Plan ahead

Plan your pre-race bike service. This is really important. Get your bike checked and serviced around 2 weeks before your event. This is far better than a few days before as it will give your mechanic time to do the service without being rushed, and order parts if needed. Its a good time to do brake pads, tyres, and a chain/cassette if needed. Keep in mind public holidays, peak times e.g. Christmas. We love it when people call first and make a booking.

Smooth like a train, sharp like a razor..

Your drivetrain - thats your chain and sprockets. You want this smooth like a train. it needs to be degreased, washed, cleaned and lubed before your race. A dirty, or really dry drivetrain will slow you down and consume more of your power than you might think. It will also change gear better.

Check your tyres.

Youve done way too much training to have your race ruined by a puncture. Check your tyres after every ride in the lead up to your race. You are looking for cuts, cuts with glass, abrasions etc. Do this every day in the lead up to your race.

Cant touch this.

Although I regard bike position more important than anything else for time trial and triathlon riding, dont mess with this before an event. Any changes to your position change need to made well before an event.


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