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Top 10 Reasons to Join Triathlon NSW in Season 2021/22


As the sun sets on a season that could have been anything, we are thrilled that so many of our wonderful and loyal members make the decision to join their club and Triathlon NSW/Australia.

We are even more thrilled that no commercial event in NSW was cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19. This is an outcome beyond our wildest expectations in April 2020!

We have reason to be incredibly confident that next season will be even longer and full of even more local racing, training, club activities and quality commercial events, ranging from short course through long course events.

With membership renewal fast approaching, we thought it was a good idea to outline the top 10 reasons for you to renew your membership and re-join us in season 2021/2022!

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1. Triathlon NSW Affiliated Clubs are awesome and offer priceless benefits.

Clubs remain the heartbeat of the sport, the centre of everything we do as an organisation and for most of our wonderful members, the main reason to renew your membership. Clubs run local races, trainings sessions, social events and are a great way to find likeminded individuals who love everything about running, cycling and swimming! 

To see our full list of clubs – CLICK HERE.

2. Triathlon NSW Club Champs will return to Forster in 2022

The Triathlon NSW Club Champs will return once again to the much-loved Forster in 2022.

Racing for your club, racing alongside your club mates, partying with your mates: it’s special, its unique and you have to be a member to take part. In fact, Club Champs is the only members-only event in Australia!

Need proof of how awesome this event is? Watch this video: (1) Facebook

3. The Triathlon NSW Forager Interclub Leagues will be supercharged with more club prizes.

Four years in, and the Forager Interclub Leagues go from strength to strength. Interclub (friendly!) rivalry has re-engaged clubs who lost their mojo, it’s created a sense of purpose behind members heading to races and in general, it’s just been good fun with some spice sprinkled on top.

Clubs will battle across 7 Leagues, divided into geographic regions. It will also include the individual MVP – Most Valuable Performer - awards again, which is set to grow in prestige and popularity over time.  

To earn participation and performance points, you must be an annual member! 

We are hoping to release some additional prizes for next season, that winning clubs and overall series MVP’s will take home in due course! Watch for more announcements shortly.

For more info on the Leagues, check out the website - http://nswtriathlonclubseries.com/

4. Updated Triathlon Australia Membership categories – perfect for all.

With the newly released membership offerings from Triathlon Australia, now more than ever there is something for everyone.

Premium membership - Designed for the avid triathlete who wants additional value and benefits from their triathlon membership

Standard Membership- Essential for the regular member and provides access to enhanced member benefits ***aligned to the current Full Adult membership***

Basic Membership - Ideal for those who just want a lighter experience and only want to train with their club or participate in swim or run only, or on a more occasional basis.

To read all the details and find the right package for you: CLICK HERE

5. Triathlon NSW Individual State Championships Events. 

Triathlon NSW will once again be conducting a series of Individual NSW State Championships events, which is the ideal place to etch your name in eternal glory as the NSW Individual Champion across a set distance. The first NSW member across the line in each age group is the winner.

The first event is the Goulburn Duathlon (click here).

 Standard Distance, Aquathon and Long Course State Championship events will be announced in late June, so there will be five events for you to compete and win! 

Book your spot in our HALL OF FAME by winning your age group at one of these events.

6. Save on One Day Licenses

Based on internal research and industry averages, Triathlon NSW members race at three commercial / club events each season. Being a member of Triathlon NSW / Australia will save you up to $55 per season, by not having to purchase those pesky One Day License fees.

 7. Wear the Green and Gold

Triathlon Australia takes teams overseas each year to the Standard, Sprint, Long distance, Duathlon, Aquathlon, Cross Triathlon and Paratriathlon World Championships, with athletes of all ages from 16yrs to 80yrs+!

And with the 2022 Townsville Multisport World Championships on our doorstep, we anticipate this will be our biggest team yet. But you must be a member of Triathlon Australia to earn points across the WQE qualifying process.

For more info: 2022 Multisport Team Townsville (triathlon.org.au)

8. Piece of mind that comes with coverage under Triathlon Australia’s insurance scheme

It’s often spoken about in cafes over hot drinks during training sessions. The value of taking out a Triathlon Australia membership vs not being a member. But the vast majority of triathletes will think nothing of spending a few hundred dollars on an excellent helmet, to keep their head safe whilst training and racing on their bikes. And of course, this is not a bad thing! But whilst your helmet protects your head, your Triathlon Australia membership and insurance coverage actually protects your entire body, in case of an accident.  

Public liability and personal accident insurance cover while you are racing in sanctioned events and training for sanctioned events for the duration of your membership. 

For more info: http://www.triathlon.org.au/Membership/Insurance.htm

9. Receive Discounts on 99 Bikes and other Sponsors

Triathlon NSW has renewed our partnership with our official Bike Partner – 99 Bikes.

They continue to offer our members a 15% discount for in store purchases and discounts of their online shop.

For more info – Our Partners (triathlon.org.au)

We’ll also be giving away plenty of free races to our members over the course of the season, thanks to our wonderful Race Director Partners, Elite Energy and NX Sports.

10. Warm fuzzy feeling that you are supporting the sport you love!         

Triathlon NSW is a not-for-profit sporting organisation. Without your help we could not operate and provide the vital services that you deserve and expect in your local Triathlon events. 

Your membership contribution helps us to provide valuable resources towards our grass roots programs, technical officials, event sanctioning, coaching and insurance for you, volunteers and officials. All this with the assurance that your annual membership fee is contributing to the growth and development of the sport of triathlon in Australia.

To find out exactly what we have been up to, read this story!


Membership renewal is going to look a little different this year! Triathlon Australia have been working on implementing GoMembership, a new club-focussed membership portal, which will make it easier for everyone in the triathlon community to manage memberships (plus, it's mobile friendly!). There will also be a new suite of membership products that caters to more triathlon experiences. 

Both membership renewals and new memberships for the 2021/2022 membership season will open from June 1, and the 2021/2022 membership season will commence from July 1.

Click here to learn more.



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