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Trystars in schools


Triathlon NSW supports the development of triathlon within a school environment. The Australian government in partnership with the Australia Sports Commission has introduced a new school program titled Sporting Schools.

Replacing the former Active After Schools Network, Sporting Schools is reducing the number of sports programs available for funding under the scheme to thirty six.

Triathlon is one of these sports available under the Sporting Schools program and is known as the TRYstars in Schools program. This is designed as a four week adaptation of our existing TRYstars – Club and Community program.

TRYstars in Schools gives participants the opportunity to develop fundamental movement skills using a games based sense approach whilst providing a great introduction to the sport. This is seen as a strong platform for children to start out in the sport of triathlon and leads into potential participation in future TRYstars – Club and Community programs and triathlon events targeting children in the local area.

With the strength of our local coaching workforce and community partners to deliver the program, triathlon is in a strong position to develop the sport more within the schooling environment with this initiative.

For more information on how your school can be a part of the Sporting Schools initiative, please visit Sporting Schools .

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