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Community Sports Link Program FAQs


What is it?

A new and exciting initiative called the Community Sports Link Program will see Triathlon NSW (TNSW) partner with other sporting organisations with aligned values, NSW Government Sport and Recreation Offices, Educational Institutions and Charities.

We will work together with our partners to;

  • Raise public awareness of the positive effect that active participation in sport can play on an individual’s physical and mental health/wellbeing
  • Position Triathlon as the premier multigenerational and gender inclusive sport/physical activity in NSW
  • Strengthen the capability of TNSW clubs to engage with local communities
  • Ensure local communities have greater access to physical activity through TNSW clubs

Partnerships included in the Community Sports Link Program will grow and strengthen our sport.

Why are we doing it?

For our clubs and members

The Community Sports Link Program will strengthen club capacity to grow participation and ensure sustainability. This is in-line with feedback from a survey of affiliated Clubs where internal capacity building was identified as a high priority.

Social responsibility

The cost of physical inactivity to the Australian economy is $13.8 billion per year. National guidelines recommend 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity most days as a requirement for good health. As the components of triathlon can be structured or unstructured they accommodate increasingly time poor communities. An Australian Bureau of Statistics study showed that 7.3 million Australians aged 16−85 had experienced selected mental disorders during their lifetime. Triathlon clubs can provide an important social structure within the community encouraging physical activity whilst promoting social connectivity.  

How will we do it?

Engagement Zones

Triathlon NSW will work alongside NSW Triathlon Clubs to run Engagement Zones at our Community Sports Link Program Partners’ sporting fixtures, community events and schools. These Zones will feature competitions generating community engagement, event entertainment and Community Sports Link Program education. Leveraging the traction and interest in local communities created through the Engagement Zones, the Community Sports Link Program will promote a variety of participation opportunities and initiatives via social media, regional media outlets, the TNSW website, flyers/posters/brochures and Community Sports Link partner promotional power.  

All collateral will be designed to educate communities on the beneficial effects of triathlon participation on an individual’s physical and mental wellbeing. It will also emphasise the unique position of triathlon to offer both structured and unstructured forms of sport and physical activity, accommodating those who seek competition and those who require social physical activity, or both.

NSW Government Sport and Recreation Offices
Triathlon NSW is partnering with regional NSW Sport and Recreation Office to implement the Program within their region.

NSW Sport and Recreation Departments will assist with providing:

  • advice on funding applications for clubs
  • advice on developing club strategic plans for clubs
  • advice and expertise in creating Regional Development Committees
  • assistance in developing and executing a regional community event
  • assistance in promoting clubs, programs and events
  • facilitate interaction between clubs and community stakeholders
  • logistical assistance for Triathlon NSW Coach Education courses

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