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Main Beach Forster


For those who entered before 28th July 2020, you must be a fully financial annual member of Triathlon Australia / NSW for season 2019/2020 or season 2020/2021.

 For those who have entered after the 29th July 2020, you must be a fully financial annual member of Triathlon Australia / NSW for season 2020/2021, although you are strongly encouraged to re-join and support Triathlon NSW this season. 


CLICK HERE to see the updated Rules and Regulations for November 2020 Club Champs.

CLICK HERE for the event schedule.

Club Divisions:

CLICK HERE to see which division your club is in, for the November 2020 Event.


The success of this wonderful event is dependent on the contribution of dedicated volunteers.

For this year’s Club Championships event, no spectators are allowed at the race site, and as such, and as such, for those supporters of athletes who still wish to be at the event, volunteering is the only option. We understand this may upset and disappoint some athletes, but it’s vital that we are doing all we can to minimise crowds around the event site, and ensuring we remain within the Public Health Order.

Elite Energy have indicated they require 94 volunteers. Nominations will be opened online, and roles will be allocated evenly across clubs until all roles are appointed and with minimum volunteer requirements taken into account.

Please understand that registration alone does not guarantee you a volunteer role. Priority will be given to ensure clubs have enough to qualify to win their division.

All volunteers at the 2020 Club Championships will receive one (1) point for their club, irrespective of their role, with the exception of Technical Officials. 

All volunteers must have registered with Elite Energy for contact tracing as per EE’s COVID safe plan.

CLICK HERE to find out your clubs minimum and maximum volunteer numbers. 

CLICK HERE to register  - note, due to strict capacity issues, registration alone does not guarantee you a place at the event. We trust you understand the reasons for this and the importance of keeping the event numbers down.

Triathletes with a Disability:

Triathletes with a disability are very welcome to participate in the Club Champs. At this stage because of the small number, they will participate in their relative Age Group Category. Because of physical constraints, the course is not suitable for those who would compete in a Wheelchair.

The Winning Clubs will be determined by calculating the sum of all the performance points and participation points scored by members of each club.

Entries for Club Championships

Entries are currently closed due to the event being at capacity. If you have registered and are now unable to attend, please CLICK here to read Elite Energies refund and transfer policy. 

2019 NSW Club Championships Results: Click here


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